Wedding Ring Buying Guide in 2022

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Wedding Ring

Buying a wedding ring can be a daunting task for anyone doing it for the first time. Even if you have done it before, wedding ring styles keep changing every few years. Although some styles hold up for decades, you might have a challenge choosing the best ring.

It can be even more daunting to buy wedding jewelry for your spouse. For instance, there are various styles of wedding rings for women. Knowing what your spouse will love can be tricky. But, you can do it if you follow this article which is a guide to choosing wedding rings. 

Let’s get into it.

1. Set Your Budget

You cannot work blindly when buying wedding jewelry. You need a budget to guide you in purchasing a wedding ring. The reality with wedding rings, especially diamond rings, is that they can be expensive. Also, they can be very tempting to buy because of their exquisite looks.

But it would be best if you got past these temptations. Impulse buying might be costly, so you must ensure that you have a budget before leaving your house. At the store, let the attendant know about your budget and preference. They will help you find a ring that suits your needs.

2. Consider the Design

Everyone has a design preference in almost everything they purchase. Wedding rings aren’t exceptional; almost everyone has their preferred design. If you buy wedding rings for women, you might have several design choices, especially on the color and size of the stone.

You can search about the various designs available before going out to shop. The internet can be a significant resource for research. You can find various shapes and colors of wedding rings so that you are sure what to buy and save time when you get to the jewelry store.

3. Choose the Gemstone

There are different gemstones used to make wedding jewelry. You will also need to decide on the gemstone you want to buy or one that your spouse prefers most. With wedding rings, you have many gems to choose from; start by searching for them in online stores.

Something colorful and appealing like a diamond might come to mind when deciding. You won’t go wrong with diamonds because they can be classic or modern. It will also help to choose emerald, sapphire, or ruby, the rarest and most beautiful gemstones available.

4. Select Your Setting

The setting is another important factor to consider when buying wedding rings. Every wedding ring complements a specific personality. This is why it is critical to consider setting before you settle on a wedding ring. Several factors should help you choose the best setting.

For instance, your spouse’s personality is a critical factor. If they lead an active lifestyle, find a wedding ring setting that suits them. A gypsy or rub-over setting will be a better pick for such a lifestyle, especially if they love diamonds and want to wear a diamond ring.

5. Make Comparisons

You cannot make an informed decision if you don’t compare several wedding rings. There are several types of wedding rings for women in the market. Also, there are both natural and lab-created diamond rings if you love diamond rings. Thus, it would help if you compare before deciding.

Thus, it would help to start your search for wedding rings early. Starting a few months before the wedding will be an excellent idea. It means you will have sufficient time also to choose a reliable jeweler. Then you will also have time to consider custom options and manufacture them.

6. Align It With the Engagement Ring

Wedding ceremonies usually come after engagement events. Thus, it will help you choose your wedding jewelry with the design of the engagement ring. For instance, it would help to match your wedding rings to the lab-grown diamond engagement rings you own.

This is because your husband or wife-to-be might want to wear both rings simultaneously. You should ensure both rings have a similar shape and setting. This will make it easier for both to sit on top of each perfectly and ensure that your spouse feels comfortable wearing them.

7. Don’t Forget the Metal

You should also consider the type of metal before settling on a wedding ring. The type of metal can be a more critical factor when choosing wedding rings for women than men. This is because most men don’t mind it and are open to wearing rings with similar metals to their wives.

Thus, you should pay more attention to this if you buy a wedding ring for your wife. It will help to consider durability when thinking about metal. Platinum is one of the most durable, but it is also expensive. You can also consider silver, palladium, or any other available options in the market.

8. Know Your Ring Size

The wedding rings you choose should fit your fingers perfectly. Size is the last factor to consider because it is about fitting it onto your finger. If you got all the other factors right, then there’ll be no need to worry if the wedding rings you settle on fit your finger and your spouse‚Äôs perfectly.

It will help to have an expert measure your fingers first. Your local jeweler can do that and make it easier for you to shop. Otherwise, you might buy a wedding ring that’s too big or too small. Once you write the size down, consider the other factors in this guide then come back to it.


Those are some of the critical factors to consider when choosing wedding rings. You no longer need to go wedding jewelry shopping with your spouse. You can surprise them by buying a wedding ring that fits their needs and preferences without asking them what they’d like.

Feel free to use this article as a guide when shopping for wedding rings. You can also use it if you are getting engaged and would like to buy engagement rings. The aim should be to get the wedding ring design, setting, metal, gemstone, size, and many other things right before buying.

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