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Different Types Of Glasses: Which One Do You Need?

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Gone are those days when the sole purpose for which glasses were used was eyesight correction. Today, they are used for a range of functions, from digital protection to safety equipment, from fashion accessories to UV protection. This has been made possible by innovation in the eyewear industry.

But what is it that makes glasses multi-functional? It is a combination of structural changes to the frames and also different types of lenses. Taking the example of sports prescription goggles, you will notice that these are not your regular prescription glasses. The frames are a lot more sturdier and flexible, whereas the lenses come with a wraparound style and unique tints, apart from being fitted with a prescription.

Here are some of the different types of glasses, which we have classified based on the functions that they perform. Read on to know which one you need!

Prescription Glasses

These are the most commonly used types of glasses and are used for eyesight correction. The lenses of these pairs come fitted with the required prescription of an individual and the two of them may carry the same prescription or can even vary.

To know whether you require prescription glasses or not, you should get your eyes tested. If you are already using a pair, an eye test will help you realise the need for an update in the prescription if any.

Well, regular eye tests are a healthy practice that all must follow, as a comprehensive eye test helps you get a holistic understanding of your overall eye health. Recently, I got my eyes tested at Specscart – a Manchester-based eyewear brand. Specscart offers a comprehensive eye test and the best part is that the service is free of cost for all – whether you have an NHS voucher or not.

Fake Glasses

The defining characteristic of fake glasses is that they come with non-prescription lenses. Glasses are one of the most intimate fashion accessories and this is where the role of fake glasses comes in, as fake glasses are used solely as a style statement.

Sports Glasses

Recently, I had been looking for soccer glasses frames over the internet and came across a massive collection, which showed that sports glasses are being opted for at a large scale.

Sports glasses are not only used for perfect vision during performing but also acts as a safety equipment for our eyes. Some of the characteristics of these pairs include high strength and high impact-resistance, and also good flexibility. When it comes to the design of the frames, some distinguishing features include things like a wraparound style.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

With digitalisation progressing at a rapid pace, our dependence on digital mediums has increased by a large scale. The offshoot of this is an increase in screen time for most of us.

There is no doubt that digital screens have made many things simple and convenient for us. But it also has its downsides, one of the major ones being its negative impact on the health of our – thanks to unhealthy screen time. But why are digital screens a cause of concern for our eyes? Let’s look into it!

Being one of the major artificial sources of blue light, digital screens are used in close proximity to the eyes. When there is an excessive exposure to blue light emitted by digital screens or exposure to it under dim light conditions, it can prove to be harmful for our eyes as it can lead to problems such as eye strain, misalignment of circadian rhythm, headaches, and fatigue, among others.

As a preventive measure, one can use a pair of blue light blocking glasses while using digital screens. The lenses of this digital wellbeing instrument come with a blue light protective coating that has a function of filtering out the blue light incident over them and preventing it from reaching our eyes.


Sunglasses should not be considered as an option, but a necessity, as they perform the critical function of protecting our eyes from the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays. This is made possible by a UV protective coating over their lenses.

When you are buying sunglasses, look out for the ones that come with UV400 protective coating as this coating provides 100% UV protection.

And we all know that a pair of sunglasses is a lot more than just UV protection as they are a brilliant fashion accessory that must find a place in everyone’s wardrobes.

Anti-glare Glasses

Glare is caused when light rays that are reflected horizontally reach our eyes, and you can encounter it at any time of the day. Some of the common problems associated with glare include lack of clarity in vision and eye strain.

To deal with glare effectively, anti-glare glasses can be of great help. The lenses of these glasses come loaded with anti-reflective coating that eliminates the occurrence of glare by filtering out the horizontally reflected light rays.

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