Explore The Numerous Career Options In Game Designing

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Game Designing

Game designing is a specialization that is a part of video game development and entails utilizing creativity and design to conceptualize, ideate and develop a game for entertainment or educational reason. Game designer researches and analysis target audience so as to understand them, their psychology, preferences & socio cultural environment etc., besides market trends & technology etc. so as to create compelling stories, build characters, rules, plots, user interface and challenges, visualize game architecture and sound effects etc. thereby driving interactions with other characters or users, or objects, hence creating an immersive game experience.

Furthermore, Game Designers need to ensure that game are developed in a language that it can support use on multiple platforms, easy maintenance & updation along with easy shift or incorporation of new technology like AI, 3D or augmented reality etc. 

Career options after Game Designing course:

Following are few of the career options, that candidates can apply post completion of Game Design course

  • Game Animator: Video Game is all about animation. Game Animators work with rendering, backgrounds, characterization, technology such as 2D, 3D, stop-motion etc. and brings alive the game, its characters, models etc. In order to create visual animation, animated moves, and different walkthroughs of the game, they have to work with varied teams from various departments- Game Artists, Sketch Artists, Graphic Artists, Storyboard designers etc. 
  • Game Audio Engineer: Soundtrack, voice acting, ambient noise, background music and audio effects forms an integral part in the success of the game. With the introduction of open-ended gaming experience, the role of game audio engineer has become more complex. Basis the genre and the essence of the game, an Audio Engineer utilizes computers and electrical sound equipment to blend audio and sound effects to craft an immersive experience. 
  • Game Designer: Being an architect of the game, Game Designers work tirelessly to devise concepts, visualize storylines and characters, plan basic structure, formulate rules, develop user interface of the game, design puzzles as well as various levels of the game, voices of the characters, the visual design & graphics of the game, prototypes and mechanics etc. so as to give an unsurpassed gaming experience to the user. They also make sure that the games can play on multiple platforms and are easily expandable as well as maintained. 
  • Game Programmer: They are usually software engineers, who bring to life the designer’s concept by determining the overall flow of the game, writing codes, algorithms and programming in different languages including PHP, C++ and Flash etc. They are also responsible to develop user interface, build levels of the game, debug the game, develop game prototypes and perform beta-testing. They are, thus, instrumental in ensuring that the game operates smoothly on diverse platforms. 
  • Creative Game Director: He is accountable for shaping the artistic vision of the game concept, thereby makes sure the overall quality of the game.
  • Game Artist: They transform ideas into appealing visuals and animation. The usually collaborates with Designers, Programmers, Art Director, 3D Renderer as well as Animators and use their visualization skills to develop storyboard, graphics, animated characters and other visual elements of entire game including various levels. 
  • Project Manager: They are responsible for the overall progress of the game. He sets timelines and accordingly the deadlines for completing different stages in a game, manages the entire team, motivates as well as guides them and makes available the requisite resources to develop the game.
  • Game Marketer/PR: They formulate the strategy for creating awareness about the game. They utilize various media vehicles to promote the game among the target audience so as to enhance its sale and hence is responsible for revenue. 

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