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5 Styling Tips Men Should Know For Attending Formal Events

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Attending Formal Events

You must be excited and thrilled to receive an invitation to a big formal event. It could be a party connecting with renowned people in the business industry or opening a new franchise. Since it is no regular event, you would need proper planning on how to prepare and dress for it.

Instead of getting nervous and panicked, you can follow some simple tips to help you prepare for the big day.

Start with Planning

Begin with the event invitation and look at what you have been invited to. If you know well about the event and the people attending it, it will be easy to decide on your outfit.

Check if a dress code is mentioned on the card, and if so, wear something suitable that goes with it. You can even ask the person who invited you for some suggestions to avoid being the odd one in the crowd.

Time for Self Grooming

On the days leading up to the event, start with caring for your skin. It matters a lot to show up with bright and clean skin at the event. Follow a simple skincare regime that suits your skin type.

The next thing is to make your hair look presentable. Even if you are the best dressed, it won’t work if your hair looks shaggy. Get your hair done in a good salon and look for other details like cutting nails.

Pick the Right Outfit

Regardless of the brand you are wearing; you won’t be able to look impressive if it isn’t the right fit. It can often be challenging to find a suit that fits perfectly fine. Often the ones you find in the relay-made section have issues around the waist and chest measures.

Unless you are in a hurry, get your dress tailored to your preference. Whether you are wearing a classic suit or a tuxedo, make sure to get it dry cleaned and pressed before the event.

Choose the Right Shoes

These days, the shoe options are not only black and brown; more colors can go with a formal outfit. You can pick from grey, blue and maroons. If you wear a light color outfit like gray, then dark color shoes would go well with it. 

Whatever shoes you buy, you need to wear them well. If you can’t tie the shoe laces properly, go for loafers like monk strap shoes. Before you decide on your shoes, try and discover latest collection of Clarks shoes to pick the best one for the event.

Use Minimum Accessories

Add a good watch that fits your wrist perfectly. A watch usually represents your personality, so always wear something attractive and comfortable simultaneously.

You can also wear statement glasses even if you have perfect eyesight. Pick something that matches your face shape.

For formal wear, pocket squares and ties are the most common accessories. You can choose a darker shade of these than the blazer. Make sure not to overdo it when choosing the accessories.

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