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What Makes a Backlink High Quality?

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Backlink High Quality

Getting backlinks (also known as external links) to your website from other pages is still one of the most effective ways to improve search engine rankings. 

 But not all backlinks are equally valuable. A handful of high-quality backlinks can dramatically improve your SEO progress. At the same time, dozens of low-quality links can make very little difference or even have a negative impact if they are considered spam.

The Core Elements of High-Quality Backlinks

What constitutes a high-quality backlink is subjective. No one knows for sure how search engines measure them, but most SEOs agree on three basic things.


Backlinks should be natural and where site owners choose to link to your site because it provides value to their readers not because you paid them to do so or tried to manipulate them in other ways. 

This organic approach is an example of “earning” a backlink. 

This is different from unnatural backlinks whose purpose is often to fool search engines into thinking a website has a better reputation than it actually does.  

 If Google thinks a backlink is unnatural or spammy, Google may ignore it first, and if it happens again, punish the site and demote it in its search engine results.


Modern search engines look for social proof of the trustworthiness of websites. Google has a dedicated PageRank algorithm to measure the importance and reputation of web pages. Here is Google’s definition: 

PageRank works by counting the number and quality of links to a page to determine a rough estimate of a web page’s importance. The basic assumption is that larger sites are likely to get more links from other sites. 

 So, the higher the number and more importantly, the higher the quality of the website’s backlinks, the higher the chances of ranking for competitive keywords.


The third essential element of what makes a high-quality backlink is that it has to be relevant. 

In the same way that a search engine pays attention to both the domain and the page’s reputation of the backlink, they follow a similar process in terms of relevancy. Search engines look at the relevancy of the page and the domain of a backlink. 

If your site is featured as a blog post on a florist news site and is about marathon training, the relevance of your site’s backlinks will help your site. 

However, since the site is best known for its botanical consulting, it will lack relevance in this area. https://perfectlinkbuilding.com/us/packages/buy-individual-links/

One Last Thing

With the above in mind, it’s clear that high-quality backlinks are those that are highly reputable, relevant and natural. Although high-quality backlinks are the best choice for you, medium-quality links still have a lot of value, but low-quality, spammy links have none. 

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