8 Easy Marketing Techniques for Tax Professionals in the Modern Era

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Marketing Techniques

To draw in new customers, you must know how to market your tax preparation services efficiently. Potential clients will usually scramble to find an expert during tax season. The most effective method of attracting clients during tax season doesn’t have to break the bank. It just requires effort, budget, and knowledge about the market and your target audience. 

Marketing Technique Tips

Here are some effective marketing strategies to date so you can attract more prospective clients in need of your tax services:

1. Use WOM Marketing

When customers recommend a brand’s goods or services to their friends and relatives it means that they are satisfied; this is termed word-of-mouth (WOM) marketing. Fundamentally, free promotion is brought on by a positive consumer experience, which is typically above and beyond expectations.

Businesses can promote via word-of-mouth marketing by exceeding customer expectations with a product, delivering first-rate customer service, and providing consumers with useful knowledge or offering referral discounts.

Marketing for tax professionals is constantly evolving as several cities like Toronto, Montreal, and Hamilton use digital marketing. Nevertheless, WOM marketing remains one of the most powerful tools to reach out to individuals about tax services and establish credibility among tax practitioners.

Word-of-mouth advertising usually results in a series of subsequent interactions. WOM does not end with the initial encounter making it a recommendable marketing strategy.

2. Boost Social Media Visibility 

Most businesses nowadays use social media to expand their contact with the target audience, the very technique tax firms must try as well. Since the majority of online visitors use their phones or tablets to access websites and social media accounts, keeping your website mobile-optimized and aesthetically pleasing is very crucial. This will make it easy to link your website to your social media page.

Despite the multitude of social media platforms currently available, Facebook still has the largest user base, with 70% Facebook usage in Canada. Facebook ranks as the third most frequented site worldwide.

If you have a Facebook page, you may upload your database of client email addresses, and Facebook will profile the list and match it with a certain demographic of users. This will help target your ads at potential clients.

Start by saving your list in CSV format then establish a custom audience on Facebook. Click on the Customer List to get started, and then adhere to the instructions to upload your CSV file.

After importing the list, you can now design your tax services ad and post it. Facebook will then make sure that your post will be shared on the walls of that targeted audience.
Other social media channels will offer the same help on their platforms.

For more ways to optimize your firm’s social media presence, you can turn to Hamilton’s top-tier digital marketing agencies. These agencies can offer more effective strategies as well as multi-faceted ideas on how to balance function and style for your social media page.

3. Define Your Target Audience

You should make smart, audience-specific advertisements if you want to save money. However, you must first be able to pinpoint your target market. A target audience is, in the simplest sense, the population that is most inclined to be interested in the services or product you are promoting.

Looking over your existing customer database and identifying similar traits among them is one technique to identify potential clients. Make sure to organize and be mindful of your client’s demographics, such as age, civil status, and income level to name a few as you review their information.

Take note of the social media channels that your clientele utilizes so you don’t have to create pages for all social media platforms. You might choose to concentrate your efforts on Facebook if you mostly handle taxes for workers. LinkedIn might be a better option if you specialize in working with business owners.

4. Utilize Reminder Postcards

Although you might think of postcards as the forerunner to email marketing, sending them is still a powerful strategy to promote your company. Marketing experts advise integrating these fundamental postcard components in the layout of your tax preparer advertisement:

  • Brief yet convincing content and a striking headline
  • Appealing colours and visual aids 
  • Premium deals and offers that distinguish you from the competition
  • Necessary contact details

Tell potential customers what you’re capable of doing for them and not simply how awesome you are. For instance, being a tax resident in Malta allows them to enjoy several benefits. Giving them information on this would spark their interest. For most of them, this will either result in financial gain or financial savings.

More exposure also contributes to the development of rapport and authenticity. For example, sending your clients and prospects reminder postcards to file taxes lets them know they can rely on your firm anytime.

5. Start a Blog to Improve your Tax Season Marketing’s ROI.

An easy-to-use blogging platform can be installed directly on your website. While starting a blog now might not immediately help you with this year’s tax season, by the time the following tax season arrives, you will have positioned yourself as an authority and have posted a wealth of valuable information and keyword phrases for search engines to find. An increasing number of potential customers will then be able to access and enjoy your site.

6. Employ Local Search Engine Optimization 

When clients need urgent tax service, you’d want to be among the top results in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). A nearby agency that offers online tax preparation services is what your potential clients are seeking.

From the client’s perspective (those living in Hamilton for example), searches like “Hamilton digital marketing” often provide more relative results than simply “digital marketing” alone.

Considering that Google is the most popular search engine worldwide, you need your company to appear in local Google searches. Recent Google research indicates that those who perform local searches are prepared to buy a product or avail of the services they are looking for.

7. Use Email Marketing

Your company should use email marketing if it hasn’t already. You can use helpful email software tools that may automatically fill in the names of your consumers and grab email addresses straight from your database.

Alternatively, you can manually enter customers’ email addresses or upload a spreadsheet file if you don’t have a database yet. Persistence not only captures your prospect’s attention but will also retain your ad for tax services in their minds when they’re prepared to call for assistance.

Marketing professionals advise publishing a brief newsletter with topics on tax and accounting regularly. This can help clients and potential clients view your business as a respected accounting and tax firm.

Keep in mind that your clients have tight schedules, so any email you send for tax season marketing should be concise and to the point. Addressing the clients with their names will increase the chance that they’ll read the mail. Use a question at the end of the email to compel them to react, such as “Do you require assistance in sorting out tax deductions?”

8. Check or Ask for Reviews

You must be mindful of new businesses and new homeowners when trying to attract new tax clients because both groups are likely to require the services of a tax expert. The moment they start looking for your services, your firm will be the first thing in their minds because of the good reviews they see online or hear from previous clients.

Don’t automatically assume that simply because a customer is satisfied that they’ll rush online and post you a positive review. You must inquire or even give them a small incentive to do so like a discount. Online reviews have grown to be incredibly significant in modern online marketing.

Checking on competitors’ online reviews as well is helpful. Doing so will give you an idea of what services they lack or where they made a mistake in dealing properly with a client. Learning mistakes done not only by yourself but by others as well will help improve your services.

With today’s greatest economic technology and communication solutions, it is crucial to win over new and devoted customers by providing confidence in your services. A modern tax firm must be proactive rather than reactive to attract and keep new clients. It’s vital to take note of these techniques if you want to attract and gain the trust of potential clients. 

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