7 Ways to Upgrade a Simple Suit

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Upgrade a Simple Suit

Suits can get boring and repetitive soon. Even if you mix and match all the shirts, blazers, and trousers in your wardrobe, you will be out of unique combinations one day.

From smart bow ties to sleek shoes, there is an endless list of accessories you can use to upgrade a simple suit. There are many varities of men’s ties from highcottonties.com that you can try. Here are a few ways to look like a million bucks without draining your pocket. 

Snappy Suspenders

Suspenders are a great way to give a unique touch to your suit. With the right pair of trousers and jacket, you can go from boardroom to bar night with the suspenders. Even though suspenders are more suited for a semi-formal or informal setting, you can create a formal look with them if you stick to the classic dress shirt and shoes.

Quirky Socks

Colourful socks add so much character to an otherwise bland suit. Sure enough, you can stick to the formal suit for your office, but if you have to be at an occasion right after, cuff your trousers and show some personality with those socks. If you choose to elevate your look this way, go for colours that pop and match your tie in some manner.

Bow Ties

Regular ties mean formal gatherings and business boardrooms. But what if you want to bring some fun into the boardroom? Bow ties can be a great way to bring an air of casualness to your workplace. These bright bow ties can also make you look dapper as a wedding guest or groom!

Pocket Squares

Pocket squares are unexplored waters for many people out there. With a bright and colourful piece of artfully folded cloth tucked into your pocket, your suit gets a new level of elegance just like that. Regarding pocket squares, look for patterns and colours that complement the tie rather than match it. Don’t be afraid of bold patterns on your pocket squares. Trying pocket square folds like a retro foulard is like giving an old suit CPR.

Timeless Timepieces

Sometimes, all you need to bring an extra flavour of excitement to your suit is by adding a classic wristwatch. Even though classic watches have a reputation for being expensive or drab in appearance, when you pair them with a classic suit, you can leave your house with an aura of old money. Plus, you get a chance to arrive everywhere on time.

Right Fit

Last but not least, suits that fit right don’t need any accessorisation to look good. Most of the time, people wear suits that don’t sit correctly and ruin their silhouette. One way to fix this is by taking a trip down to the tailor’s and adding or taking off a few inches from the trousers and blazers. Once the suit hugs your body, you will have the confidence to rock the suit.

Colours and Patterns 

You can always play with the patterns and colours even if you feel like accessorisation is not for you. Instead of picking out monotone shirts from your wardrobe, opt for shirts with floral prints or shirts with collars that stand out. Simple changes like this can effortlessly take a suit from a 0 to a solid 10.

With many ways to upgrade your suit’s elegance and style, you need the confidence to work it.

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