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A Comprehensive Guide To Argyle Pink Diamonds

Argyle Pink Diamonds

Pink diamonds are precisely what their name implies: diamonds that are pink in colour due to the increased pressure they were put under during their formation, some billions of years ago. “Fancy Color Diamonds” is the subcategory of diamonds that includes these stones. According to the intensity and brightness of colour, Argyle pink diamonds get their rating. It doesn’t matter whether they’re purple or rose or champagne or blue or red; they all come in a range of colours of pink. In addition to Canada and South Africa, pink diamonds have been discovered worldwide, in places like Brazil and Russia. However, the Argyle mine in Kimberley, Western Australia, is by far the most notable. 90% of the world’s supply of pink diamonds comes from this one mine. Despite this, just 0.1 per cent of the mine’s yearly production of 20 million carats was classed as pink diamonds.

Buying Argyle Pink Diamonds from a Professional Makes Sense

Because Argyle diamonds are so rare and valuable, there’s a solid reason to be cautious while searching for a trusted provider. If you’re looking to buy a Pink Argyle Diamond, it’s crucial to choose a jeweller with the necessary expertise and certifications to help you make an informed decision. Another important consideration is to know your budget and what you may anticipate spending on a Pink Argyle Diamond in today’s market. This is often the case if the pink colour is darker, rarer, and more costly. Between $10,000 to $700,000 per carat for the most intense Pink Argyle Diamonds, the price of a high-quality Pink Argyle Diamond is dependent on its intensity.

The hue (the diamond’s predominant colour), tone (the amount of brightness or darkness in the diamond), and saturation all go towards the Argyle Diamond’s pricing (the strength of the hue). However, determining the power of the pink is not an easy task. Each Fancy colour grade has its colour palette. The Argyle Color Grading System uses a scale of 1-9, whereas the GIA uses a range of Faint to Red. Carat weight and clarity are significant, but what makes a pink diamond so precious is its colour, clarity, and cut quality.

To choose a reputable jeweller, what should you look for?

It’s important to know why you’re searching for a Pink Argyle Diamond before you begin your search. An individual gemstone may be purchased as a personal or familial investment and turned into a piece of personalized jewellery. Alternatively, you may be looking for an existing piece of Pink Argyle Diamond jewellery for a loved one or a special event. Knowing this lets you make better decisions about where to buy your diamond. When shopping for pink diamond jewellery, search for a jeweller with a proven track record. A few of Australia’s finest jewellers have been granted the Pink Argyle Diamond Select Atelier certification, so make sure your jeweller has it. Thirdly, seek a jeweller who offers jewellery you like. This is all about personal preference. It’s a question of personal taste, skin tone, style and what you’re attracted to feel that ethereal connection with when it comes to jewellery, as it is with everything of it. Take your time to talk to a shop and peruse their website, and if feasible, visit the store to see the items in person.

One of the world’s most sought-after jewels is the Argyle Pink Diamonds. It’s not only that they’re highly uncommon, which means they’re more valuable, but they’re also really gorgeous. Their brilliance is enhanced by adding white diamonds, whether the gemstones are placed in a piece of jewellery or left to stand on their own.

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