Analyzing Your Link Profile with Backlink Audit

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Backlink Audit

Your regular SEO schedule should include analyzing the link profiles by auditing the backlinks. There are various views about the activities of Google for toxic links. 

Some SEO experts think that Google disavows spam links and some experts say that Google does not count toxic links. White Label Link Building for Agencies will help you to analyze your link profile appropriately.

Create Your Backlink List

You should create a backlink list that will help make the initial disavow list. Link Search Tools, Ahrefs, and Google Search Console are the tools that can be used for finding backlinks. 

When you have accumulated the list of backlinks, upload them to the SEMRush Backlink Audit Tool. After the audit, you will obtain the toxic links and the toxicity score.

Shortlist and Categorize The List

You will see your created list of backlinks when you click on the audit tab. You will also obtain the authority score and the anchor text with the toxicity score. After going through the list of links, you should categorize them into groups.

  • Whitelist- The links which are healthy and will remain in your link profile without doing any harm.
  • Disavow Links- The links should be disavowed from your link profile.
  • Remove- There are spammy links that require to be removed as soon as possible. You should contact the website owners and request them to remove your links.

The SEO Agency in New Jersey will help you create, shortlist, and categorize your list of backlinks.

Identify The Patterns of The Links 

You should identify the link patterns by clicking on the toxic markers within the audit report of the backlinks. You will obtain the pattern list that is used for filtering the backlinks. Instead of looking into the backlinks one by one, the same patterned links are noticed using the toxic marker.

A link may appear healthy, but with the toxic marker, you will identify the toxicity of the links. The same patterned links obtained through Google Adsense or Google Analytics are identified for disavowing. 

Look for Footprints

For taking decisions, you are required to look into the entire backlink profile. You should analyze the backlinks of your competitors also. This will help you to obtain the backlink ratio within the same industry.

Label Your Backlinks 

Check the links which use keywords to exact the anchor texts. You should also check whether the backlinks are branded or not. Close monitoring of the links will reveal the patterns and help to label them easily. 

If you have money anchors in your links, the ranking may get suppressed due to the Penguin filters of the Google algorithm. When analyzing and labeling your backlinks, you should disavow some of the money anchor links to avoid the Google penalty.

Domain Referring By the Authority Score

When you obtain the authority score, ensure that the low-quality links with low-authority scores are removed. But if you want to keep your website natural, keep a mixture of high, medium, and low-quality links.


White-label link building for agencies will help you improve your website’s ranks. For analyzing the link profile, you should create the list, shortlist from them, label, and categorize the links according to the authority and the toxicity score. When you have identified the links, categorizing and removing them becomes easy.

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