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Four Valuable Factors To Consider Before Joining A TEFL Course

TEFL Course

In recent years, the demand for courses that teaches English as a foreign language has increased significantly. More than a language, it is considered an essential skill for many jobs in the modern world. Many people, especially those who are not native speakers, search for perfect teachers who can help them teach impeccable English.

TEFL – Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Teachers who aspire to teach the English language in a foreign country and support the people mentioned above prefer courses with TEFL certification as it is exclusively designed to teach English as a foreign language to non-native speakers.

It can benefit teachers to carve out their careers as it is an internationally acclaimed course, allowing candidates to work in any school, college, or university worldwide. These courses can also be opted for by those who are already teaching English but want the certification.

This is a perfect opportunity for those who wish to enhance their standard. There are many different courses certified by TEFL, so it is crucial to do comprehensive research and choose the best suitable one. Moreover, courses with TEFL certification are also available online and offline. Thus, candidates are free to choose according to their daily schedule.

Thus, choosing a good course is essential to cater to the growing demand and use this opportunity to become a perfect English teacher for non-native speakers. And for that, you should know certain critical factors to consider. Read further to learn them.


It is the formal evaluation of academic and professional principles of a program conducted and approved by standard regulation bodies. It is a significant factor as many education institutions only choose candidates who have studied courses with formal accreditation.

So, do not neglect but ask your training center regarding the accreditation, browse through the website and confirm it. Do not fall into the trap of inexperienced training centers and waste your time and money.


A typical course with TEFL certification will have a minimum of 120 hours. This will include at least a minimum of six hours of minimum teaching and assessment. Thus, a twenty-hour classroom day is a must for the course to align with international certification standards.

Do not fall for a short duration and less fess. Know the standards and check whether the course matches the same. It is one of the critical factors as it is a determinant factor to get a job in a well-established language school, college or university.

Qualified teachers

A perfect course is always the combination of professionally qualified teachers and good course content. Make sure the teacher who teaches you has demonstrable experience. Ask your training center regarding the qualifications and experience of the faculty team.

However, many boast before you ask for it. They should have a master’s or Ph.D. coupled with long years of teaching journey. Quality TEFL courses are costly as their trainers are paid well, as their qualifications and experience deserve it.

Online and offline modes

Both these mediums as their advantages and disadvantages. You have to choose by knowing your daily routine and other commitments. Do not go by the thought that only a particular mode of studying can be constructive and helpful. Check which can help you listen to the class with complete focus and study well. Pick that mode, and then you are good to go!

Thus, these are the essential features to consider before joining a TEFL course. If you want to turn your life around, use this opportunity by joining the right course.

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