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3 Current SEO Trends Every Business Owner Needs To Know

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Even if you outsource marketing for your small business, it’s important to stay on top of developments that impact your company’s internet outreach. Here are three trends in SEO to learn about so you can ensure your web presence is up to snuff.

Voice Search Is Driving Queries

With the rise in homes that have smart speakers, the ubiquity of hands-free mobile devices, and the improvements in voice recognition technology, it’s not surprising that optimizing for audio queries is a major trend in search marketing. One SEO tip for ensuring you rank high at the top of voice search results is to recognize that verbal queries tend to be more conversational than text requests. Focusing on phrases and even complete sentences may generate better rankings from spoken queries than the shorter, generalized keywords that have driven traditional typed searches.

Video Content Is Key

Regardless of whether the query was spoken or typed, when viewing search results, people are more likely to click on options featuring video content rather than ones with only verbiage. That’s why it’s important for your business to post regularly on the top video-sharing platforms. Beyond simply uploading content, you should ensure your posts are optimized to bring your business up as frequently as possible during searches. This means creating an effective name for your channel, providing a search-friendly description, and using smart keywords when labeling your posts.

Little Is Much

A snippet is defined as a small piece of information from a larger source, and this sort of brief preview is what you’re used to seeing anytime you conduct a web search. How appealing these tiny insights into your business typically determines how likely people will be to click through to learn more about what you do or sell.

Using simple language featuring the most commonly searched-for keywords is critical to creating not just an exciting snippet, but to get it highlighted at the top of search queries. Your snippet should be clear and enticing, and it should factor in the voice and video elements noted above.

Trends are a driving factor in most enterprises, and they’re certainly key in business marketing. Whether you’re responsible for your own internet promotion or rely on a savvy team to drive your online presence, being aware of the importance of voice search, video content, and well-crafted snippets will ensure you’re putting your best foot forward when it comes to SEO that drives customers to your site.

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