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Where to Find the Best Fall Foliage in the Hudson Valley

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When the leaves change color, there’s nothing like taking a drive through Hudson Valley. This area has some of the best autumnal views: but where do you go for the cream of the crop?  

These are the top places to find awesome fall foliage in the Hudson Valley.

Why Take a Foliage Road Trip?

If you’re out looking for Albany houses for sale, you may start to hear about foliage road trips and drives that people in this area love to do in the fall. These trips are an incredibly popular tradition that allows locals to explore the beautiful scenery of the surrounding roads, towns, mountains, and valleys as the seasons change. When autumn starts to set in and the air crisps, you’ll notice that leaves turn brilliant hues of orange, red, and gold, lining every road. 

Sightseers love to catch these sights, take pictures, travel with friends and family, and look forward to the holidays ahead. If you’re not a road trip fan, to begin with, this might not have much allure to you. Otherwise, it could feel like a dream trip.  

The Mohonk Preserve

This fantastically preserved land calls out to hikers, bikers, runners, and climbers alike. Over 70 miles of roads and trails all over the grounds are open daily until sunset. The leaves here are absolutely stunning, with countless trees looking gorgeous regardless of how dry the season may have been beforehand. Although This is a shorter trip, you’ll immediately be in the mood for some hot apple cider and the chance to enjoy tracks and trails unlike any you’ve ever seen before! 

Pine Hollow Arboretum

If you don’t want to travel far, consider checking out the Pine Hollow Arboretum! Just minutes outside of Albany, it feels like you’ve vanished into a massive forest and are worlds away from the state capital. The countless trees are extremely well cared for, offer countless trails, beautiful views, and free admission so you can walk through them. This is better than a drive for those who hate road trips and allows you to stretch your legs while taking in the crisp and fresh air.

Harriman State Park

Sitting between Orange and Rockland Counties, Harriman State Park is the second largest park in the whole New York Parks system. With over 200 miles of trails, 31 latkes, two beaches, and multiple camping grounds, you’ll never run out of things to do or see: and the drive is sublime. Fans love the multiple roads and trails you can explore and the incredible ruby and amber trees that line these roads. 

What to Pack for A Foliage Road Trip?

If you’re road-tripping from out of state, it’s a good idea to pack with sightseeing in mind! This means binoculars for passengers who want better views, extra charges for your phones while you take pictures, lots of cozy snacks, and a nearby coffee shop when you arrive so you can have some hot chocolate or apple cider during the ride! These views are gorgeous, and as long as you make it before winter sets in and the leaves are gone: it’s worth the drive.

There’s Nothing Quite Like the Hudson Valley! 

Hudson valley is one of a kind area that locals and visitors alike are obsessed with. Consider taking a trip here soon! 

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