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Why Stencils Help Your Children Develop Good Handwriting Skills

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Handwriting Skills

Even though during the last couple of years we have seen that almost all communication and work can be can easily be done digitally using laptops, smartphones, and tablets, developing handwriting skills is still critical for preschoolers and young kids. In many schools, there seems to be less focus on developing handwriting skills. However, according to Primary Beginnings, handwriting is surely an essential skill and an integral part of literacy.  For preschoolers and toddlers, handwriting involves scribbling and drawing with crayons, chalk, and pencils. 

Stencils are fabulous and fun tools for helping your children to learn pencil control. Smooth handwriting ensures a seamless flow of ideas. Handwriting skills assist kids in developing spelling and reading skills. It helps enhance the ability to remember and recall information. Stencils are one of the best ways to help children develop better handwriting skills. Here are the top reasons why stencils help your kids to develop handwriting skills.

Fine Motor Skills: Key to Overall Growth & Development 

Fine motor skills go a long way in the growth of minuscule muscles in your child’s hands and help in enabling actions such as, grasping or grabbing small things. When kids start using stencils regularly, their muscles and fingers become fortified. Kids gradually have perfect motor skills by mastering the skills of letters, shapes, and numbers. Kids learn to hold and control their pencil, pen, crayon, or even paintbrush. They will soon master the art of drawing shapes, numbers, and letters. They will develop fluent writing abilities once they master ways to control pen or pencil movement. You may buy rub on transfers for crafts to achieve better results.

Fun Way of Mastering Handwriting Skills with Stencils

Practicing with stencils could be a relaxed and fun way of helping children with their handwriting abilities. Kids always learn better when they have the liberty and freedom to make mistakes and opportunities to learn from their mistakes. A non-restrictive environment is a key to the seamless development of inherent skills in kids. That is why stenciling is a good practice for young kids. Stencils allow children to have fun, play and enjoy without worrying about the results. It leads to greater pencil control, a boost in confidence, and dramatic improvement in handwriting skills.

Stenciling Is Best for Developing Eye-to-Hand Coordination

Eye-hand coordination is the intrinsic ability of your eye to guide your hands in movements. While writing, your kids will require guidance from their eyes to their hands to form letters and ensure that the writing is conforming to the lines. Regular stenciling goes a long way in enhancing your kid’s overall eye-to-hand coordination. Once your child develops a firmer grip over his pencil movement, he will master the art of writing. School projects and crafts will be a breeze for him.        


We know that despite an all-around digitalization, handwriting is still the fundamental tool for performing well in your academic career. Good handwriting helps you to take notes neatly and take tests well and complete your assignments within time. Remember that poor handwriting could have a disastrous impact on your performance at school. It is the duty or responsibility of parents to inculcate good habits in kids. Encourage and motivate your kids to embrace stenciling to learn better pencil control skills, which is the building block for good handwriting.                                                                                                                                                                                               

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