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How a custom license plate can create authentic and cool brand impressions for your business 

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It’s official — the Government has approved your design. Your business logo will soon be seen by the road-hugging motorists, walkers, and cyclists who travel along Toronto streets with their eyes on the landscape. You can’t help but ask yourself: is this really happening? YES! It is happening now. Not only are custom license plates available for purchase in Ontario; they’re also gaining immense popularity for businesses that manage to create an eye-catching design.

Motorists will begin spotting your company name or logo as early as 2018, which means you’ll have more than enough time to develop buzz around it before then. As drivers peruse their surroundings, they will see your business name for the first time, then one or two more times throughout their journey on various routes that are also near where they live. 

Key benefits of a custom license plate 

That feeling you get while dreaming up this idea is surreal — it’s better than Christmas morning! The power to place your company logo on the road and in the eyes of passersby is exhilarating. 

Here are some key benefits of obtaining a custom license plate: 

1. It attracts attention 

2. Your message remains clear 

3. You determine when and how often your message appears 

4. Increases brand awareness 

5. Builds trust through increased exposure 

6. Increases consumer recall through consistent messaging 

7. Eye-catching decals are great conversation starters

8. Driving impression counts 

9. A unique design can boost your business’s credibility at little cost 

10. Your customers will be even more enthusiastic about your brand

What does it take to make a custom plate?  

The entire process takes less than 5 weeks and costs $551 (plus HST) plus an optional $3,000 for the design fee (optional). The total price is typical $3,551, but businesses that opt for the professional graphic designer’s services usually spend $3,800 because their designs tend to stand out more than those created by people with no experience in branding or marketing — so you’re essentially investing in the overarching benefits that come with this type of branding. 

Here’s what you need to know: 

1. Submit your online application at Service Ontario and pay the $200 (plus HST) plate deposit fee 

2. Design services are optional and cost $3,000 but can be paid over four monthly installments of $735 each (optional, not required if you’ve got some experience using design software like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and can create a sharp-looking decal for your vehicle on your own)

3. Your business logo or marketing message must fit within standard specifications which will appear on the sample decals sent to you by the designers 

4. If your design doesn’t fit within the allotted space, you may be required to modify it or pay for a new design. You’ll have up to 10 days after receiving your first sample decal to request modifications without incurring any additional fees 

5. Once you’re satisfied with your custom plate’s appearance, submit an additional $551 (plus HST)  within 90 days of receiving the first decal for your order to be processed through Service Ontario before submitting payment for the second half of the fee. The entire process takes less than 5 weeks from start to finish — so don’t delay!

It’s time to take over Toronto streets with your company name and logo           

How long does it take to get a License Plate in Ontario?

Getting your very own custom-made decal is easier than you think; residents of Ontario can begin submitting their application as early as January 1st of any given year (but it’s best not to wait until the last minute!) The entire process takes less than 5 weeks.


What’s stopping you from getting a custom license plate for your business or personal use? You’ve got nothing to lose and only increased brand awareness and increased eye-catching exposure to gain! Get out there and create something exciting… you’ll be so glad that you did. 

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