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How to beware of fraud companies that are scamming in the name of CSP.

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How to beware of fraud companies that are scamming in the name of CSP.

In this article, I am going to tell you that how fraud companies are looting common people in the name of CSP and how to beware of them and save a lot of money. Before talking about fraud companies, we need to know that what is CSP. So, CSP is a mini branch of a bank that provides maximum services of a bank but it puts some limitations. It was planned and started by the Reserve Bank of India whose target was to minimize the crowd and rush in a bank so that customers get good services. It is also good for people, especially from rural areas. They have to travel a lot for small work. So, CSP helps them to save a lot of time and energy. CSP can be opened anywhere, also in that place where a bank can’t be opened.

To open a CSP, you need to consult with the bank manager of your nearest branch. You need to convince him that why your area needs a CSP and how capable you are to open and run it successfully. If your branch manager allows you to open the CSP, then you need to consult the business correspondent, and if your branch manager doesn’t allow you to open a CSP, then, you do not need to consult a business correspondent company because no one has the power to let you open a CSP center after getting rejected from the bank manager. So, everything depends on the bank manager. So, keep trying to convince the branch manager first because, without his permission, you can’t open a CSP. If anyone tells you that he will let you open the CSP center and charges money for it, then, never trust them, because they are the ones for which this article is written. It means they are fraud. So, beware of these types of people.

Why do people get trapped easily by these fraud companies?

People get trapped easily because they find it a very easy way to open a CSP. Frauds track these types of people and call them and give them the easiest way to open a bank CSP and demand some money like Rs.1 lakh or Rs.2 lakhs.

So, people find it very easy and they easily believe them and easily get scammed. So, if anyone calls you and tells you that they will open a CSP for you and charge some money, never believe them. I repeat never.

How to get prevented from scammers and frauds?

If someone is approaching you to open a bank CSP, then talk to them and tell them that you will take their service but he needs to verify himself in front of the bank. If he gets ready for verification, then, verify him first then take services from them, otherwise if he starts making excuses then, run from that type of person. So, keep these things in mind before opening a bank CSP. You can face a lot of problems during the whole process. You may have to run 5-10 times to the bank, you may get late responses from the bank but this is a secure and trusted process because there is no shortcut to success. So, never go for the easiest way otherwise you can lose a lot of sbi mitra money.

What to do, if the branch is not responding to you.

In every bank, especially in State Bank of India, there is a notice board which is called Valpak Sobchak Patel which is fixed by co-or prate center in which every detail of that bank is given and every big officer like regional head, DGM’s name, and their contact information is also given including their bank manager. So, if you want to complain about anything regarding the bank or CSP, then, you can do and solve your problem. So, this is how you can deal with frauds and scammers.

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