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10 Best Python Frameworks for web development in 2021

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Best Python Frameworks

Python is one of the most popular programming languages. And many businesses use its frameworks for web development whereas Python Training plays an important role which is useful for creating websites and applications, automating tasks, analysing data, and displaying data.

Python Web Development Framework is in high demand. Python framework comes with scalability and machine learning. It’s a powerful framework that helps businesses to build a strong website in 2021.

Python frameworks are the best Framework for web development. Many businesses use these frameworks for their websites. In this article, we’ve covered Top 10 python frameworks that are high in demand in 2021. And if you’re looking for the best Framework, then keep reading this article.

Without wasting a second, Let’s Begin!

What are Python Frameworks?

Python Frameworks’ main work is to help developers to write less code. Most of the Functions are prebuilt for web development. Developers use this Framework to build websites faster.  

The Python framework has so many benefits in web development. It helps in saving time & energy for the web development process.

Some of the best features of web development framework:

●    URL Routing: In the Framework, make sure URL mapping exists and routing works.

●    Input form Handling & Validation: Your web form handles data & validation.

●    Output Formats with Template Engine: This framework generates JSON, XML, HTML, etc.

●    Database Connection: This builds a connection between the website & the database.

●    Web Security Measures: This Framework protects your website. Prevent SQL Injection, Cross-site scripting.

●    User Session Management: This framework clears data after the session ends.

Why Use Python Frameworks?

Most of the developers use python frameworks because of prebuilt functions. These pre-built functions help developers to build a website faster. These pre-built functions help to focus on main work and use functions for basic things. Developers’ main work is to focus on web development. Businesses and developers understand the value of python frameworks. That’s why developers use the python framework for web development.

Python framework helps developers to handle different types of projects. In python frameworks, there are so many pre-built functions available. Help developers to build websites faster.

Types of Frameworks:

There are three different types of Frameworks available:

Full-Stack Framework: Full-stack Framework comes with all necessary features. Developers using full-stack frameworks for full-fledged web applications. 

Micro Framework: Microframework used for small web development projects. It is lightweight, small, and comes with limited features.

Asynchronous Frameworks: It’s an advanced framework used by developers. This Framework is quite similar to the micro-framework. But the difference between both frameworks is, they can handle connections.

Now it’s time to see the Top 10 Best Python Frameworks for web development in 2021. Let’s begin!

#1 Django

The most popular and best python web development framework is Django. Django is a full-stack Python framework for web development. This Framework has so many features like URL Routing, Migration, etc. It is the best web development framework that comes with pre-built functions. It’s a time-efficient framework and comes with a plethora of libraries.

Some Best features of Django are:

● It helps developers to prevent small mistakes.

● By using these Frameworks, the web application can be completed.

● Using these Frameworks is Secure.

#2 Flask

The most leading python web development framework is Flask. It’s a compelling framework and comes with so many extensions. Flask can serve API to web servers. Flask framework has so many features like an HTTP request, testing, debugger, etc. Flask is an advanced Framework with amazing features for web development. For those who want to build an instant website, they can use the flask framework.

Some Best features of Flask are:

● It’s completely flexible.


● Its Framework is extensible but straightforward.


● This Framework comes with hooks for behavior.

#3 Pyramid

Pyramid is the most powerful framework for web development. Developers use this Framework for pre-built functions and resources. This Framework is used for the simple and complex web development process.

The pyramid framework comes with decorators, single-file app features. And it’s a flexible framework to develop a website by implementing shortcodes. 

Some best features of Pyramid are:

● It can run with small and large applications.

● It comes with URL Mapping and route configuration.

● This Framework has an HTML structure and generation.

● It comes with Testing, Support, and data documentation.

● It has flexible Authentication and approval.

#4 CherryPy

It’s a stable framework for web or app development. For a short period of web development, most of the developers use this Framework. CherryPy Framework is very popular among developers for web development. It comes with caching, sessions, Authentication, and many more features. For a fast development process, developers use this Framework.

Some best features of CherryPy are:

● It’s a powerful framework for developers.

● It comes with built-in profiling, coverage, and testing support.

● It has reliable HTTP/1.1- complaints, etc.

#5 TurboGears

This Framework is for full-stack web development. It’s more likely to be the Django framework. Developers use this Framework to handle complex development processes. TurboGears framework is a powerful framework for web development. Comes with Multi-database, MVC architecture, Pylon, PasteScript, etc.

Some best features of TurboGears are:

● This Framework is designed for web development to solve complex problems. 

● It has a transaction manager to help multi-database deployment.

● It also supports many template engines.

#6 Bottle

Bottle framework is a short framework that runs a single source file. It’s a fast and easy-to-use Framework with one single file. This framework supports a third-party engine, in-built HTTP server & database.

Developers use this framework because it’s short, simple & easy to use.

Some best features of Bottle are:

● It runs on python 2.7 & 3.6+

● It comes with a built-in template engine.

● It’s faster and easy to use the Framework.

● This Framework support Bjoern, Google App engine, fapws3, CherryPy, etc

#7 Sanic

It’s an asynchronous framework that supports python 3.6+ server for handling requests.

This Framework can handle 33,342 requests in one second. Sanic Framework comes with logging, handlers, plugin support, blueprint support, etc. Developers use this framework to enhance the development process.

Some best features of Sanic are:

● This Framework can read and write cookies.

● It comes with different types of logging like access logs and error logs.

● Class-based view

● Also, have plugin support.

● It’s easy to apply for a decorator’s support.

#8 Tornado

It’s a popular framework, and many developers use this for the web. It’s a popular framework and comes with scalability. A tornado can handle thousands of links at a time. This Framework has many features for web development. It supports top-quality products, real-time services, etc.

Some best features of Tornado are:

● It allows for third-party Authentication.

● This framework helps in real-time services and non-blocking HTTP customers. 

● It has a high-quality output.

● This framework support interpretation and localization

#9 BlueBream

It’s an open-source framework for web development. Developers use this Framework for medium and large web applications. This Framework is used for generating forms. And it has a basic mechanism for plugged security. It’s adaptable programming and holds extensive periods of experience. Bluebeam Framework was developed by the Zope team (Zope 3).

Some best features of BlueBream are:

● Comes with testing Frameworks

● This Framework is used for generating forms.

● It has a basic mechanism for plugged security.

● This Framework has WSGI Compatibility.

#10 Web2Py

This framework supports a debugger, the code editor, and the deployment feature. For web development, developers use this Framework. It helps you to create and debug the code without any effort.

By using this Framework, you can test your web application development. This Framework supports Unix/Linux, Mac, Google, etc. Developers use this Framework to build, revise, deploy and test websites.

Some best features of Web2Py are:

● This framework supports MVC architecture and helps to do web development.

● Its main work is with relational and NoSQL databases.

● It has Useful batteries to build a web application.

● This Framework is completely Secured.

● It has Database Abstraction Layer (DAL)

These are the Top 10 best frameworks for web development in 2021.

Final Verdict

We’ve covered the top 10 python frameworks for web development in this article. All these frameworks are helpful, time-saving, and effective for web development. Developers are using these prebuilt function frameworks to build a website. It’s your turn to select the best Framework as per your requirements. Drop your comment and let me know which one you like the most?

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