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7 tips to overcome B2B marketing barriers

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Marketing is the lifeline of every business. It keeps organizations alive by identifying potential customers, engaging them and converting them into buyers so that they can avail products or services in return for compensation.

Business-to-business (B2B) marketing is very different from business to consumer (B2C). The latter involves companies that are selling their products or services to bee venom buyers individual customers. B2B, on the other hand, involves individual suppliers of different types of products and services who are looking for buyers.

1) Understand what makes a good lead

A lead must be relevant instead being just another piece in huge pile of data generated every day in digital platforms. Prospects who are not fully qualified should not be brought under the scanner. You should not give your product to people who are not willing to buy it or who do not have the authority to take purchase decisions, even if you get tempted by their impressive job titles.

2) Speak the language of your target audience

Before you go ahead and create marketing material, try to find out who your audience is. What are the problems that they want to solve? What kind of tone would be best suited for them in order to establish a connection? Their expectations have to be identified so that you can speak directly from their point of view instead of speaking vaguely about benefits which might raise more questions than answers.

3) Avoid making assumptions while creating content

It is always better to build up an effective marketing campaign based on facts rather than assumptions. There is nothing as embarrassing as putting your foot in the mouth by creating content which does not appeal to its target market.

4) Develop a good relationship with your audience

You should try and establish a long-term relation with your prospects instead of just talking about benefits and discounts. You can do so through providing them additional information such as industry trends, webinars and conferences which will help them establish rapport with you and trust you more.

5) Ensure that all required information is available on website

Prospective clients like to know every detail about the products they are interested in purchasing before making their final decisions. They want to be sure that there is no room for confusions. So, you should ensure that all information including product specifications is available in an easily accessible manner on your website.

6) Analytics help in taking important decision

Analytics play a key role when it comes to B2B marketing campaign because they provide information about what kind of content engages prospects best and which kind of message has the maximum impact. They can also help you pinpoint problems with your products or services. For example, if you are getting complaints about certain features then you could do something to improve them by consulting experts.

7) Promote your brand but focus more on selling the product

You might have heard this advice many times but its value still remains high: sell the benefits of your products instead of just promoting your brand name. The first thing which will gain the attention of your buyers would be the problems that they want to solve through using your product, hence it is advisable to include such information front and center in all marketing campaigns which you create for specific products.

8) Think Small First 

Many small businesses start off by first reaching out to family members, friends and neighbors with an offer for a free trial or sample before they begin reaching out to their target audiences through traditional advertising channels such as television, radio and newspapers. As they grow, so does their B2B client base as more and more suppliers come on board.

9) Create a Scalable Strategy 

Some businesses, such as those selling web design services or offering online marketing solutions, have the potential to reach out to large groups of B2B customers across different sectors who can benefit from their products and services. These companies need a scalable strategy that includes several advertising tools available at affordable prices through various channels. A few examples of these tools are websites, social media pages, email newsletters, search engine optimization (SEO) services and pay-per-click campaigns among others.

10) Be Prepared for Long Sales Cycles 

While many business owners assume that it’s easy to close deals with B2B customers, the truth is that it can take several months to get a reply from customers who are not readily available or who are already engaged with suppliers. B2B sales cycles are often longer than business-to-consumer transactions because there are more steps involved in closing deals. Organizations face challenges such as identifying buyers, obtaining consent for using their contact details for marketing purposes and then following up on leads many times before they finally get them to sign contracts.

When it comes to B2B market, marketing is much more complex than when selling products to consumers. There are various obstacles which have to be overcome at each step of the way in order to make sure that your product reaches target audience effectively. Here are some tips which will help you overcome B2B marketing barriers.

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