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How To Choose the Best Custom Packaging for CBD Oil?

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A major component of growing, selling and distributing CBD oil products is custom packaging for CBD oil. Custom packaging for CBD oil can be used to add a unique, eye-catching appeal to products as well as increase their shelf life. While many of the standard product packaging options for CBD oil include standard cellophane packing, custom boxes can also be used to create a striking visual effect as well as to help protect the product from damage in transit and storage. The ability to customize the packaging is key when you are looking to market this type of oil as it is one of the fastest growing segments of the American market. It will not be long before it reaches the same level as medical marijuana and other types of legal cannabis products.

CBD oil Boxes

There are a variety of different custom packaging for CBD oil boxes available to you. In addition to the traditional options, such as cellophane wrapping, you will find that there are many additional options available to you in addition to the standard, out of the box solutions. There are companies that can print your logo on the side of the box or include custom images that can be included on the outside or inside the container. There are also companies that can help with the customization process so that your logo or message is printed right onto the front or the back of the box. If you are creating your own product description, you can provide images to accompany your product description. You can even provide photos of products and the oils that they contain so that potential customers will be able to see for themselves what your product offers.

Custom Packaging Boxes

There are some challenges involved with creating custom packaging boxes for this product. One of those challenges involves choosing the right custom packaging boxes for your needs. Many standard cardboard boxes are not appropriate for this product due to the increased risk of spillage or leakage. Standard boxes can easily break, tear or get stuck once they have been exposed to varying temperatures, which are common occurrences in most production environments. In addition, standard boxes are typically very limited in the dimensions that they can handle, which limits the size and shape of products that can fit into them. There are some options that are available, though, that can help to solve both of these challenges.

North American Vending Industry Association

The North American Vending Industry Association (NAVIA) is one of the professional trade organizations in the North America region that can help you with your custom boxes for CBD oil. NAVIA has created a database of companies that can meet your manufacturing needs, including customized boxes. If you search their database using the “Search by Product” option, you will be presented with a list of companies that can meet your orders. If you have a special request, NAVIA can help you to ensure that you receive only the highest quality of packaging materials.

Standard Carton Packaging

An alternative to standard carton packaging is a plastic shell, which provides more durability and safety for your product. This type of packaging is not as customizable as the standard carton, but it is a convenient solution for many different situations. For example, plastic is often used in food packaging, because of its anti-tarnish ability. Plastic also prevents the product from absorbing or developing any unpleasant odors. In addition, plastic is an environmentally responsible choice, since it will not harm the ecosystem when it is disposed of.


If you are looking for a convenient alternative to standard cartons, consider using a PVC lining. Using this material will help to ensure that your product remains safe and secure. Unlike paper cartons, PVC does not absorb moisture easily. This means that you will not be left with dampened packages on display or in your hands. Additionally, this material is usually quite lightweight, which makes it easier to tote your items around.

Custom Packaging for CBD Oil

Before choosing a custom packaging for CBD oil that will meet your specific needs, you should also ask suppliers about the various methods that are used to reduce shipping costs. Many companies have been successful by utilizing various transportation methods, such as air freight and shipping by UPS or FedEx. These methods can help reduce the overall cost of your product, making it more affordable to your customers. In addition to reducing your costs, these methods can help to ensure that your items make it to your customers with optimal protection.


One of the most important aspects of choosing a custom packaging for CBD oil is ensuring that you choose a company that will help you succeed. Make sure that they have extensive experience in this field. You should also consider asking them to give you a free quote, so that you can compare their prices. They should then be able to give you detailed information on the types of products that they can help you pack for your business.

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