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Things to Remember During the Kedarkantha trek

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Kedarkantha trek is the most adored trek among all trek enthusiasts. This trek is perfect for all. If you are planning to go for a trek for the first time, then Kedarkantha is absolutely perfect for you. The fascinating beauty of nature will amaze you. You will get to explore one of the hidden gems in India. You can wind up this trek in 6 days. And these days are going to be the best thrilling and adventurous days you will ever have. The charming mountains and the pine forests will take your heart away. 

The difficulty level of the Kedarkantha trek is easy and is also suitable for children. The trek initiates from Sankri village and ends after descending from the Hargaon camp to Sankri via Juda-ka-Talab, Kedarkantha base, and Kedarkantha peak. The whole trek to Kedarkantha is full of romp and fun. There are some particular things which you must do in the Kedarkantha trek to make it more memorable.

So, here we are with a glimpse of the things which are going to make this trek epic: 

1. Pack your essentials

Pack up all your essential things as you will not be getting any shops on the trek route. The weather in the Kedarkantha regions is cold throughout the year, so don’t forget to take your sweaters, jackets, gloves, or any woolen clothes for you. You must carry waterproof trekking pants. 

2.Take microspikes with you.

You have to walk with microspikes over the snow. Usually, the trekkers walk with microspikes to prevent slipping over the snow-covered trail.  

3.Camp beside Juda-ka-Talab

After trekking for about 4 km from Sankri, you will reach Juda-ka-Talab. You must camp overnight beside the Juda-ka-Talab. Pitch your tent and experience the majestic view of the night sky. This will be a lifetime experience for you of spending a whole night under the sky in a forested area. The Juda-ka-Talab is surrounded by pine forests, which adds to the beauty of this lake.  The clear sky and the calm surrounding will tranquilize you. 

4.Slide over the snow

Kedarkantha Trek is a popular winter trek because during winters the trail gets covered by snow. The blanket of snow overshadows the trek path. You can have fun by sliding over this snow.

5.See the 360-degree view from the Kedarkantha base camp

You have to stay overnight at the Kedarkantha base camp. The 360degree eye catching view is the best thing about the base camp.

6.View numerous peaks from the top 

On reaching the top of the Kedarkantha peak, you can see several different peaks. The alluring mountain peaks around you will give you a heavenly feel.

7.Skiing down the peak

During winter, the whole trail gets covered by snow. It will be a golden opportunity for you to ski over the snow, but it requires experience and should be done under the guidance of experts.

8.Build a snowman

Don’t forget to build a snowman. Building a snowman in your city

is quite difficult, so why not build it on this trek. You will be having fun while building this snowman. And yes, do not forget to take pictures with it 😉

9.Click numerous pictures

Fill your camera or mobiles with pictures. Capture every moment and keep it forever. The exquisite views on these treks act as a perfect background and glorify your pictures. Don’t forget to capture the majestic view of sunset on this trek. 

10.Interact with the locals

Interact with locals of Sankri village and get to know about their culture and lifestyle. The residents are very friendly and will warmly welcome you to their homes. The culture, traditions, folklore, and cuisine will fascinate you. You must try the wonderful cuisine of this area in any local restaurant. You can visit the local temple and monasteries nearby. The locals will treat you very mannerly and will assure that you do not face any problem.

11.Do not throw litter in an improper location

This is the most important thing you should do in the Kedarkantha trek or in any trekking destination. It’s your responsibility to keep the surroundings clean and garbage-free. If you are carrying any kind of plastic items, then please throw them in dustbins. Please do not spoil the beauty of this serene location. If you are found throwing any plastic items in an improper location, then strict action will be taken against you.

You can try these things to add a pinch of more thrill to your trek. Once you go for the Kedarkantha trek, you will find out there are a lot more exciting things to do there.

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