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With snow everywhere , breeze nuzzling your face, views making you motionless, thrill ticking you every second,  the Himalayan range is always a wonder.

Hiding its beauty under every pleat of the rugged mountain and harsh landscape, it always stuns you by presenting a new experience. 

One such beauty that’s hidden under the harshest landscape is nag tibba .

graded as one of the easy treks , nag tibba trek is located in the garhwal Himalayan region. 

A trek that takes hardly almost 4-5 days to cover a distance of about 40km . Raised to an altitude of 3050 mts, this summit is a best trekking destination during the months of March-June and September- December. 

Popularly known as “mountain of the serpent ” it starts from the north east of mussoorie. It has an apt name in accordance with the beliefs of the place. The locals offer puja to the snake god ( nag devta), with the belief that the snake god protects their cattle from snake bites.  The trek is a delightful experience for veterans. It also gives them a chance to savor a variety of enchanting experiences such as witnessing the showcasing of the snow capped mountains ranges,  camping under the starlit sky and walking through the lush green forest packed with pine and oak.

Summers make nag tibba trek a pleasant place with all the Himalayas lying at a distance and cool breeze always kissing your face gently. 

At the same time monsoons make it irresistible with that drizzle and downpour enriching the element of thrill and adventure. 

Winters,- oh! Winters are incomparable,  dropping the beauty of heaven on earth with that white pearl like snow covering the rugged ranges in its beautiful blanket. 

Adventure enthusiasts frequently visit the place for its panoramic beauty and high elevations.

Trekkers get to enjoy the most stunning views of various peaks all through the trail.

This peak is otherwise known as ” serpent peak”, raised to an altitude of 9915 ft. Straight from dehradun a killing experience awaits as the trail begins and climbs up to the top of a peak and with a night stay under the starlit sky.

The best things that you shouldn’t miss 

  • Climbing up the peak gives you a jaw dropping view of the nanda devi peak, bunderpunch etc
  • Nag tibba trek is packed with adventure activities ,Pretty meadows, lovely walks through the oak and pine forests 
  • Hiking up and down the trail takes you through different landscapes. It also offers you with the best view of sunset from the peak
  • You will also have the opportunity to climb up the steep incline of the summit before reaching the peak
  • You get to witness a 100° view of the snow laden Himalayan range,  Gangotri , kala nag etc


  • You have to make sure that you carry your trekking shoes and pack your bag with minimal luggage. 
  • Carrying thermal wears, light colored dresses, sunglasses, sun caps,woollen wears, insect repellant  is a must.
  • Make sure you carry your personal medical kit.

Why would you miss this flawless beauty when she is already flaunting her beauty for you to explore her.

Nag tibba is an experience for life. An offbeat destination to go for trekking. Beginner friendly yet thrilling enough to spice up the adventure enthusiasts in a human. 

Traveling through the dense beauty while exploring the hidden adventure is a delight. This will just awestruck you with its poetic beauty of the ranges which no mountaineer or trekker would deny. 

The hard thrills will melt you down as you explore her. The experience will feather you down making your heart explode with delight. 

The summit day for Nag Tibba is quite a  long one. Right after touching the summit, you’ll start descending down to a village named Bhatwadi, this particular route is extremely picturesque. An hour down your descent, you’ll enter a clearing called Moriana which has  a stream on one side and a couple of shepherds’ huts on the other side. encircled by forests, this is a lovely spot for taking pictures. 

From here, you’ll trail down through a lovely forest cover that moves along the stream and end up in a village where your trekking will also end.

Though it’s disappointing, you still have a bag full of memories to take home.

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