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Why is Common Criteria so Important for Manufacturers?

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Common Criteria

In the fast-paced world of technology, manufacturers face the constant challenge of developing cutting-edge products and ensuring they are secure and trustworthy. Common Criteria (CC) helps by providing a structured framework for defining and certifying the security attributes of IT products. But what are the exact benefits of getting CC certified? Find out in this article.

Security Assurance

CC offers a rigorous framework for specifying security requirements in IT products, substantiating claims through a structured evaluation process, and providing manufacturers with a competitive edge.

Rigorous Framework for Security Functional and Assurance Requirements

Common Criteria offers a comprehensive framework where security functional and assurance requirements are explicitly specified for IT products. Manufacturers can leverage this framework by articulating these requirements in a Security Target (ST) document, drawing from predefined Protection Profiles (PPs). This meticulous specification ensures that the entire lifecycle of an IT product, from conceptualization to implementation, undergoes scrutiny at a level aligned with its intended use.

Substantiating Security Claims for Competitive Edge

Manufacturers often tout the security attributes of their products, but claims alone may not inspire confidence in the market. Common Criteria provides a means to substantiate these claims through a structured evaluation process. The assurance that a product has undergone rigorous scrutiny becomes a potent differentiator in a competitive market, offering manufacturers a tangible edge.

International Recognition

Getting CC certified demonstrates a product’s safety features at the international level, and thus bringing several benefits:

Streamlining Market Entry with CCRA

The Common Criteria Recognition Arrangement (CCRA) is pivotal for manufacturers eyeing global markets. This international agreement facilitates mutual recognition of IT security certificates issued based on the Common Criteria. The CCRA eliminates the need for redundant, time-consuming, and costly testing in each country, streamlining the certification process.

Opening Doors to New Business Opportunities

Beyond efficiency gains, CCRA provides manufacturers with international recognition. This recognition is not merely symbolic; it translates into tangible benefits such as faster market entry and reduced overheads. CC certification becomes a strategic advantage, unlocking doors to new business opportunities and bolstering a manufacturer’s global presence.

Importance for Competitiveness

The significance of Common Criteria certification extends beyond technical compliance, serving as a key driver for competitiveness in the market.

Unique Selling Point and Participation in Contracts

In a crowded marketplace, differentiation is a constant challenge. Common Criteria certification emerges as a unique selling point for manufacturers. It goes beyond mere compliance; it signifies a commitment to delivering high-quality, secure products. This certification enables companies to participate in tenders or contracts that explicitly demand adherence to specific security standards.

Strategic Advantage in Decision-Making

Consider a scenario where two companies offer similar products, but one is Common Criteria certified. The certified product instantly gains a competitive advantage, influencing purchasing decisions. In a landscape where trust is paramount, having a recognized certification can be a decisive factor in favor of the certified product.

Builds Customer Trust

Trust is a cornerstone of prosperous business relationships. In the digital age, where discernment regarding security is crucial, Common Criteria plays a vital role in alleviating customer concerns about product security.

Addressing Customer Security Concerns

Trust is the linchpin of any successful business relationship. Common Criteria plays a pivotal role in addressing customer concerns regarding the security of products. Customers, especially in the digital age, are increasingly discerning the products’ security features. Common Criteria certification acts as a quality guarantee, assuaging these concerns and instilling confidence.

A Powerful Marketing Tool

Certification under Common Criteria becomes a powerful marketing tool for manufacturers. It demonstrates a commitment to meeting globally recognized standards and undergoing stringent evaluations. In a landscape where data breaches and cybersecurity threats are prevalent, customers find reassurance in choosing products from CC-certified businesses.


Common Criteria is not merely a set of standards; it is a dynamic framework that offers manufacturers a multifaceted competitive advantage. CC is integral to a manufacturer’s success, from providing a rigorous approach to security assurance and facilitating international recognition to serving as a unique selling point and building customer trust.

Independent cybersecurity labs, such as CClab, offer extensive assistance to businesses, including CC consultation for ISO 15408 compliance and Common Criteria evaluation. These services enable manufacturers to adeptly navigate the intricacies of cybersecurity assessments, thereby enabling a more secure digital landscape. As technology evolves, getting their products CC certified remains a cornerstone for manufacturers, ensuring the security of their products and a strong position in the global marketplace.

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