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CAVA and Dominion Enjoy Notable Returns, Mark Hauser Elaborates on Private Equity Investments

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Mark Hauser Elaborates on Private Equity Investments

Cava Grill has seen soaring numbers since the company first began its partnership with Revolution, a firm that works with Hauser Private Equity. Cava garnered a reputation for amazingly fresh food pulled in from local sources. A tech-driven experience that focuses on customer service and customization would help Cava stay ahead of the rest of the pack, leading to the recent news that the company was offering its initial public offering.

The news was joined by an unrelated but similarly major piece regarding Dominion Voting Systems and their settlement with Fox Corporation. The hidden link between these two major pieces of financial news is Mark Hauser and Hauser Private Equity.

Let’s look at how these recent major pieces of news coincide.

Cava Explores Uninhibited Growth With IPO

Cava has enjoyed a steadfast level of growth since the company was first partnered with Revolution in 2015. The decision to raise funds to support its growth and expansion goals was a big one, though the IPO was not released to the public, and few details have been leaked.

The restaurant industry is currently recovering from the ongoing impacts of COVID-19, and Cava is looking to take advantage of the opportunities that are presenting themselves. Cava managed to overcome many hurdles during the pandemic, something that Mark Hauser saw was possible early on.

Mark Hauser pointed to a slew of different areas where Cava prepared for its IPO. Hauser underscored the company’s focus on adaptation, its commitment to digital technology, and its suite of customization options.

The Dominion Lawsuit Brings Financial Success

Staple Street Capital Group was among the beneficiaries when Dominion Voting Systems’ won its lawsuit with Fox Corporation for $787.5 million. The settlement came alongside an admission by Fox Corporation that the channel had aired false and defamatory claims regarding election fraud and Dominion Voting Machines.

Staple Street had originally purchased a 76% stake in Dominion Voting Systems in 2018, fueled by financial support from Hauser Equity Group and Mark Hauser himself. Hauser Private Equity had been joined by the University of Arizona’s endowment and Travelers Insurance when funding the original purchase by Staple Street Capital Group.

Mark Hauser said of the settlement process, “We are very pleased with the outcome and think Staple Street has handled the situation very well.”

About Mark Hauser

Mark Hauser is a private equity investor and fund manager with nearly four decades of experience investing and operating a company. As the Co-Managing Partner and Founder of Hauser Private Equity, Hauser has helped spearhead five funds that have invested more than $650 million in privately owned businesses across the nation. Hauser personally led the expansion of HAUSER INC from a local agency into a nationally recognized leader.

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