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Why Hire a Corporate Event Planner for Your Product Launch

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Product Launch

A product launch is a major occasion for any business. It’s an opportunity to show customers, prospects, partners and investors the latest innovation that will meet a critical need.

That’s why your product launch needs to make a big splash. Hiring corporate event planners for your NYC product launch lets you focus on the core messaging and relationships during the event. You can leave the details, show-running and other event details to the corporate event team.

Your product launch is an opportunity to tell an important story – about the product, your brand, the work that went into developing the product, and how it will benefit your customers. This storytelling comes in many forms and has many components – the invitation, the press release, the remarks at the event, the videos and pictures you share at the event.

In addition, there are the intangibles that can play a big part in your launch event – the audience, the vibe and the energy all play a major role.

You want the event to generate buzz about your new product and your brand. That buzz comes about at every stage of the event, from the time invitees open the event to their arrival and departure after the event. You want an event that stands out, delivers key messages on your behalf, and creates that desired, often elusive buzz.

Corporate Event Planners Key to Product Launch Success

How do you achieve the desired buzz? The answer is complex and multifaceted. That’s why you need an experienced NYC corporate event planner like 23 Layers as your partner.

Here are some of the ways that experienced corporate event planners can help:

  • Develop Strategic Event Plan. A seasoned professional will work with your team to develop the timing, concept and vision for your product launch. They will also handle all aspects of the planning, execution and promotion of your event
  • Save Time and Money. Your business probably does not have dedicated event planners that have the experience and connections necessary for a successful product launch event. You will save time and money by bringing in experts
  • Tap Into Networks. An experienced planner will have connections and networks that will bring the right vendors and venues to your event. Corporate event planners have a vast collection of resources to tap into – venues, caterers, rental companies (for everything from tables and chairs to silverware and tablecloths), performers, and audio visual and lighting contractors
  • Day-Of Execution. On the day of your event, you want to be focused on relationships and messaging. Checking in guests and ensuring that food is served on time? Leave that to the event planner. They can and should play a lead role in the event itself, coordinating the event team, working with vendors and acting as a liaison with your key stakeholders (e.g., speakers, VIPs, or board members)
  • Follow Up. After the event has concluded, your event partner will help assess success, determine next steps and evaluate what might be done differently at the next product launch

With a corporate event planner as your strategic partner, your product launch will be a great success.

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