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Three Simple Ways To Mobilize Your Brand

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Mobilize Your Brand

It’s 2023, and the world is moving on from manual marketing. Businesses have spent thousands of dollars on improving their digital presence in response to the pandemic and the broader availability of mobile branding.

If you still need to leverage your mobile marketing, we’ve compiled these simple tips to help you mobilize your ideas and get started with your digital branding.

#1 Mobile Map Listing

According to Delhi Courses, Map apps are a huge part of mobile search. Google, Apple, and Microsoft make proprietary mobile map applications for their mobile operating systems.

Each application has listings where a business can input information, share photos, and offer discounts. These are invaluable for any business where a potential customer might need to find listings on the go or be more interested in finding something new nearby than a name they already know. In particular, restaurants, gas stations, and any service-oriented business should be taking advantage of these listings.

Remember, Google and Microsoft use these listings to feed their search engine results. You also push yourself more in the SEO department by utilizing these listings.

#2 Responsive Website Design

While mobile traffic is growing, some designers still design for desktop users first. They start with an overall design theme with bells and whistles and then pare down for mobile users. Consider inverting this practice. 

Mobile users look for ease of use and usually only need the bare essentials. If you start your design with the bare minimum your target audience is looking for and then features sparingly, you’ll end up with a more straightforward design and happier customers.

Search engines have clarified that they prefer to index one site for mobile and desktop users rather than having separate ones. That’s where responsive design comes in.

Responsive design is the idea that your website will fit the screen of the device on which it is viewed. Design elements take a more vertical approach as the screen size gets smaller. Elements sizes are no longer thought of as pixels but as a percentage of screen size. An 800-pixel image retains this size on all screens, but a 100% image maintains the ratio of screen width on each screen.

#3 Review Sites and Apps

Review sites and apps have shared content and can integrate features. Map apps often allow users to leave reviews, and many review apps will give directions to listed businesses. But reviews can also be a completely different ballpark, dealing with user-generated content you have no control over.

Some apps allow you to buy memberships, giving you control over how your review content is displayed (for example, you can choose to have your best reviews shown first in the default sort). 

If you claim your business account, you can also dispute any untrue comments and publicly respond to reviews that you feel are unfair, but you can’t control who is writing reviews on these apps.

Unfortunately, you can’t inspire positive reviews by buying or soliciting them; doing so can get you banned or flagged. 

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