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From Brand Activations to Email: How to Connect Your Marketing Campaigns

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Marketing Campaigns

Marketing campaigns can take on many shapes. They include print, broadcast, digital, and even experiential marketing campaigns these days, and the most successful ones integrate all of these platforms to push a cohesive vision across channels.

Turning a successful event into a broader campaign is a great way to unify your message and double down on the impressions you make with experiential marketing. Here’s how you can create an integrated, cross-channel campaign that will make the most of your resources and have the biggest impact on consumers.

Brand Activations

The power of brand activations is their personal impact. They are one-time events that are unique and memorable, and target an audience by time, location, and event. They are often part of a sponsorship of events like music festivals, sports, or other cultural events, they can involve free samples or on-site experiences, or they may take place in professional settings like conferences and trade shows.

Brand activations can surprise audiences, encourage interactivity, and stick in audiences’ minds. The trick is making sure that your message doesn’t disappear the minute the consumer walks away.

The right technology is critical for making your brand activation a gateway to a bigger campaign. You can do a lot with digital advertising displays for rent and make them a key part of your activation.

Digital displays open avenues for cross-channel communications. It can be as simple as prompting consumers to scan a QR code to participle in a contest, game, or giveaway, giving you the chance to follow up with your digital marketing campaign.

Following Through with Digital Marketing

Digital marketing allows brands to make repeated impressions on their audience. They know that they need to be on top of people’s minds before they’re going to make a conversion, but it’s also one of the toughest environments to get noticed in.

Ad saturation has become intense online. People are exposed to thousands of ads every day, to the point that they don’t even notice them all of the time.

One-way brands can overcome ad saturation is through segmentation, where more personalized and relevant messaging can be sent through newsletters, email, or text. Messaging can be more effective when you target a smaller segment, addressing their interests and needs. A sale is a process, and this kind of messaging can take time. When the consumer is ready to act, your brand will be top of mind.

Social Media Integration

Social media is another way digital marketing can follow through from a brand activation, and it may be easier to get audiences to like or follow a brand than for them to volunteer their own personal contact information.

Brand activations make great material for a social media campaign as well. They’re an opportunity to generate assets that can be used on social media to make more people feel like they’re part of it. Not everyone will be able to catch on-site experiences, and social media allows you to include a bigger audience.

Connect with more channels to make more impressions and make sure your message is heard. From in-person, on-site experiences to social media marketing, make the most of every channel at your disposal.

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