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8 Best QA Practices to Enhance Telecom Software Quality

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As the world was gripped by the effects of the pandemic and many individuals found themselves stuck at home and unable to deal with a host of processes in person, there were significant ramifications for the telecommunications industry. With the increase in call traffic almost tripling in size, many companies had no choice but to learn on the job when it came to the functionality of their software, in order to provide the best possible services they could.Copy HTMLCopy text

How things are looking in the telecoms industry in 2023

The good news is that things have largely calmed down in recent months and telecoms businesses are now enjoying a more manageable increased workflow. This is allowing managers the ability to take stock of the current situation and make worthwhile plans for telecom automation moving forward.

8 best quality assurance practices for telecom software

To ensure that your software both performs at maximum capacity for users and fully assists your customer representatives when dealing with more complicated inquiries, it can be worthwhile to take look at the following best practices to employ:

Functional testing

Take the time to analyze the software’s serviceability across devices and for its intended purpose.

Performance testing

Performance testing can be used to validate whether your implemented software is performing at the level you’d expect.

Test automation

Test automation can be a worthwhile QA solution, as it automatically runs necessary tests and manages a host of test data to provide top-quality results for software improvement.

Mobile app testing

Mobile apps can be a telecoms business’s greatest asset when diversifying services and staying ahead of the competition, so this form of testing can ensure continued efficiency and performance.

Security testing

Assess the level of protection against internal and external threats for dedicated software.

Usability testing

Conduct fragmentation testing across different platforms, form factors, screen resolutions and more.

Cloud testing

Ensure that your software applications are compatible and compliant with different computing environments, such as hybrid cloud services

Accessibility testing

Ensure that your software applications are easily understood and navigated by both consumers and support representatives to minimise wait times and increase engagement

Key takeaways for telecoms businesses hoping to improve their software with QA

One of the best things you can do to ensure your software functions at top capacity is to get your quality assurance protocol underway as soon as possible. The earlier you start your efforts, the sooner you will be able to define any areas that need upgrading and continue to provide a service your clients will love with little fuss.

One of the biggest advantages to offering great services is the fact that you will not only attract more business (brand reputation is extremely important in 2023), but you will also be able to enjoy a higher customer retention rate. QA can assist in your efforts to guarantee top-tier services alongside crash-proof operation, as well as provide unrivalled protection for end-user data and more. Telecoms software that promotes usability and well-defined interaction is the key to both immediate and long-term success.

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