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What Are the Three Components of School Health Services?

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School Health Services

Schools are known as the second home for children, therefore they should have an environment that is family oriented and have facilities to protect and secure the children at all times. The age range of children attending schools falls under minor ages which means the supervision needed should be at its highest. As parents entrust their kids to the school administration and the school in return gives its best to keep a good relationship with the parents of their students. Trusted school-based healthcare staffing

Are then assigned in school to make the environment safer. 

Three Components of School Health Services

Health education

One of the roles of the staff in School health services is educating the students about the importance of health in their lives. They give regular lectures in each classroom or the school as a whole to give awareness on the methods of how to keep their body’s in their most perfect condition. In school, there is a lot of interaction that occurs such as face-to-face interactions, body contact, and being exposed to a crowded place. All of these situations can expose the students to getting infections, therefore they should be taught how to take precautions when doing activities in school. 

Health services

Different health services are covered and performed by the staff of School health services. The methods are given to act as assistance for the students to maintain their health as well as treat illnesses.

List of Health services given to students 

Primary health care

Students can avail of the primary health care services from their school, the services include regular check-ups to monitor the condition of the students and know their health status. Each student has their profile and this is being checked by their school nurses as well as records every examination performed on the students. 

Advantages of having school health services

Assistance in Medical Needs

It is sometimes unavoidable for students to get sick and they might have sudden fever or dizziness when in school. The school nurses can immediately attend to these students and give them the needed care as well as medications needed for their illnesses. 


Immunization is essential in protecting the students from illnesses and diseases that may hit the school, therefore giving immunization is part of the services the school health service gives. They scheduled immunization for illnesses that arise in their area to make sure they can control the fast spreading of the disease or illness. This service can give chances to students who don’t have the means to get immunization from private health sectors. 

Support in Health and Education problems

Hygiene, nutrition, and other factors may affect the student’s ability to study. To help them school health services assist in solving any mental or physical issues that the students are facing, this way they can concentrate more on making improvements on their academic goals. Good nutrition and proper hygiene can be a big factor in a student’s learning ability. 

Healthful environment

By giving proper health protocols in the school, students can have a better learning environment since they are all girding up with the necessary protection to avoid getting sick and being in a weak condition. The control measures made by the School health service can make the surroundings of the school safe. 

Why is school-based healthcare staff important?

They perform the services needed

Procedures in the school health center can not be possibly performed without staff. The medical team assigned to school health services covers all the necessary duties and responsibilities that are related to health. 

They have the right skills and knowledge 

Nurses and other healthcare workers who work in School health services have the right skills and knowledge to execute their duties in keeping the students healthy as well as keeping up with the heath protocols that needed to be imposed. 

They have the right profession 

School health staff are all licensed and legit health workers since this is one of the requirements before they can be assigned to Schools. Health issues can easily be addressed since they have the qualifications needed as well as skills to perform the needed procedures. 

School health services have contributed to the progress of the students by proving them with the health care they need to have a sound mind and body.

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