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Advantages of Being a Per Diem Healthcare Worker

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In the medical profession per diem jobs has become common since most of them want to get enough time for themselves and their families but still wants to pursue their career. By getting a per diem job they can have a work and life balance without sacrificing their career. Per diem nurse jobs are perfect for healthcare workers who want to work and want to have time for themselves and family too. 

Take a Look At The Advantages

Time off whenever you need it

Getting time off when you need it can be hard if you are on regular work, for per diem healthcare workers they can take off after their assignments. Therefore they can have a work and life balance while enjoying their career and having time for their family as well. Per diem healthcare workers’ work, time can vary it can last for a day, for two days, or more. They are informed by their agency on how many days they have to work and when in this set up they can be able to tell when they can have free time to do the things they desire.  

Flexible hours/shifts

A shift can vary for a day or two or more days, therefore per diem healthcare workers can work for three days and be free for a few days after their assignment. There are also cases where they have to extend but they won’t be held for a long time, which means they still have a more flexible schedule compared with a regular nurse. 

Don’t get burnt out

Burnout will not be an issue for per diem healthcare workers since they can get the rest they need after their given assignments. Getting enough rest can restore the body and mind to their active state making healthcare workers more productive. Per diem healthcare workers are increasing because they can get enough rest and still practice their profession.

Build your resume/experience

As per diem healthcare workers get exposed to many healthcare facilities they are able to build their resumes with multiple experiences. Experience matters a lot when targeting a certain employee and when planning to advance your career. Working in a different environment can be proof that you can work well with any kind of healthcare facility. 

What is the Meaning of a Per Diem Job?

“Per diem” is derived from a Greek word that means “per day”. Per diem healthcare workers are assigned to work within a day or more, so they are called per diem healthcare workers. 

What is The Difference Between Per Diem and Part-Time?

Per diem workers don’t have a fixed schedule while part-time workers have

The schedules between per diem workers and part-time workers are different. Per diem workers don’t work on a fixed schedule instead they are given a certain day to work while part-time workers work for a portion of a day on a fixed schedule. 

Per diem workers are not considered employees of the healthcare facility while part-time are regular employees

Since most per diem healthcare workers work under an agency their employer, is their agency while part-time workers are directly hired by the healthcare facility thefre they are regular employees. 

Per diem pay is paid after each assignment while part-time pay is paid on a certain salary day. Per diem nurses are paid for every day they work since the agreement is included in their contract. As for part-time workers, they follow the salary schedule implemented by the healthcare facility they are working with. 

Per diem workers don’t get benefits from healthcare facilities but part-time workers are covered with benefits 

Since per diem workers are not considered employees of the healthcare facility they are not entitled to the benefits regular healthcare workers have. Part-time workers on the other hand are counted as regular workers so they are entitled to the benefits. 

How Many Hours Can a Per Diem Healthcare Employee Work?

There is no limit for per diem healthcare workers since their sched vary week per week, they can take as many hours as they want as long as they can handle all of them. 

Per diem nurse can have a lot of benefits so if you want to have a work and life balance then try per diem healthcare jobs. 

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