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Jobs That Require a Clear Criminal History and How You Can Check Yours

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Criminal History

If you have a criminal record, your job options may be limited. Some employers will not hire you if you have a criminal record, regardless of the nature of the offense or how long ago it occurred. Other employers may be willing to overlook your criminal record if it is not relevant to the job you are applying for. However, you will need to know how to check your criminal history to find out what potential employers will see with the help of an online background check. Keep reading to learn more about the different positions that require a clear criminal past.


There is no question that teachers must have a clear criminal history in order to be hired in our schools. It is absolutely vital that the children are safe and protected, and that parents are able to trust our teachers implicitly. Anyone with a criminal history, especially involving violence or sexual crimes, simply cannot be allowed to work with kids. There are, of course, some exceptions to this rule. If a teacher has committed a crime a long time ago and has since turned their life around, they or may be considered for a position in a school. However, any teacher with a recent or current criminal record is unlikely to be hired.



As a lawyer, you’re expected to uphold the law and set an example for others. This means you must have a clear criminal history. If you have any criminal convictions, you may not be able to practice law in the United States. The American Bar Association (ABA) requires that you disclose any criminal convictions when you apply to become a lawyer. The ABA will review your conviction and decide if you’re fit to practice law. In some cases, the ABA may decide to suspend your law license. This means you can’t practice law until you meet certain conditions or until the conviction is expunged. If you have a criminal conviction, you should speak to an attorney. An attorney can help you understand your rights and options.

Police Officers

Police Officers must have a clear criminal history. Any crimes against persons or property will disqualify an applicant from being a police officer. Police officer applicants with a history of drug abuse will also be disqualified. This is to maintain public trust and ensure that the police officers who represent our community are held to the highest standards.



There is no doubt that nurses play a vital role in the healthcare system. They provide care to patients, assist physicians, and help to ensure that patients receive the best possible treatment. In order to ensure that nurses are able to carry out their duties effectively, it is important that they have a clear criminal history. If a nurse has a criminal record, it could impact their ability to work in the healthcare field. Nurses who have a criminal history may be more likely to engage in criminal behavior while on the job. This could put patients at risk and could also lead to disciplinary action from the nursing board. Nurses with criminal histories may also be less likely to be hired by hospitals and other healthcare facilities.


The aviation industry is one that is highly trusted by the public. People put their lives in the hands of pilots every day, trusting that they will get them to their destination safely. That is why it is so important that pilots have a clear criminal record. Any kind of criminal activity can reflect poorly on an airline and can put passengers at risk. Pilots who have committed crimes such as drunk driving, assault, or even drug possession can be a danger to those on board an aircraft. In order to protect the public and maintain the trust that people have in the aviation industry, it is crucial that all pilots have a clean criminal record. This means that any kind of criminal activity must be taken into account when assessing whether or not a person is fit to fly.

There are a number of jobs that require a clear criminal history. This is because employers want to know that their employees are dependable and will not get into legal trouble. You can determine yours by checking your criminal history online.

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