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A Guide to Use Eco-Friendly Supplies for A Green Celebration

Eco-Friendly Supplies for A Green Celebration

For a party, you tend to use things that are single-use, disposable, and covered in plastic. The skeleton streamers and superhero plates available in any party supply store enable easy cleanup but are not sustainable. But with eco-friendly party supplies, you can bring some changes to the way you celebrate.

Be it a bridal shower or a dinner party, you can get a wide range of naturally derived and compostable products that don’t end up in a landfill. However, that needs a bit of planning, and the information in the following section can help you get some ideas for your next event.

So, read on.

Why should you look for greener alternatives for your party?

Nonbiodegradable products are tossed into the garbage after a day’s use, and most of these items can’t be recycled, which pollutes the environment. However, paper products are not any better. Often, paper cups and plates are coated with a plastic lining called polyethylene which makes them waterproof. Therefore, you should avoid disposable products and look for the following alternatives:

  • You can borrow or rent extra glasses or plates. Most rental companies clean the items after use, which can also be convenient for you.
  •  Try purchasing reusable items like decorations, straws, napkins, table cloths, plates, and glasses.
  • Try natural decorations like potted plantings and pine cones.

How should you choose your party decorations?

The guidelines you must follow while buying party supplies are:

  • Packaging: When looking for food and party decorations, buy the ones from brands that minimize plastic packaging.
  • Buy local items: You can pick the necessary items from your local store, reducing travel time and the carbon footprint of your purchases.
  • Compostable and biodegradable products: Avoiding single-use plastic should always be your priority. It includes balloons, plates, cups, cutlery and other party items. Instead, you can look for compostable utensils, cups and plates, rice paper garlands and lanterns, biodegradable confetti and beeswax candles.

What are the basic party supplies you need?

The eco-friendly party supplies that you can’t do without are:

Plates and bowls: You can get compostable tableware made from recycled material, including a wide range of appetizers and dessert plates. These materials are leak-resistant and even microwave-proof.

You may also get wine plates made from bamboo and hand wash them for extended use. There are also designer bowls available sturdy enough for cold and hot foods.

Cups: You should always look for certified compostable cups. However, these cups cannot be recycled and degraded only in an industrial composting environment.

Cutlery: You can get biodegradable and natural wood and bamboo cutlery. But before buying, make sure you have access to commercial compost facilities, as these products don’t degrade in a backyard compost environment.

Decorations: It is best to use reusable decorations like potted plants for the centrepiece, LED lanterns for the outdoors, reusable banners and bunting, and store-bought or homemade seed bombs.

Odds and ends: Cloth napkins are best, but for large gatherings, opt for paper. For tablecloths, try cloth or vintage linens you can wash after the party. Lastly, avoid plastic straws and replace them with paper ones.   

Undoubtedly, your party will be a hit with the assortment and use of the right eco-friendly products. However, you mustn’t take party cleanup lightly. You can donate or sell things that you no longer need. You can also reuse some items for future use and check which items are recyclable. Further, you may have a lot of food leftovers. So, instead of throwing them away to rot, you can reuse them by storing and freezing them properly.    

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