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Truckers: The Unsung Heroes of the Shipping Industry 

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Shipping Industry

The shipping industry does not get enough appreciation. That might be because it’s always been seen as an unglamorous, hard-working field with little prestige. Considering the high self-esteem and reputation these men/women have built for themselves over the years, maneuvering around traffic in high-profile company vehicles is a shame. The trucking culture boasts a unique allure that sets them apart from others, which is often described as “the brotherhood.”

The fact of the matter is that truckers are crucial to our economy. That’s why everyone should appreciate them as much as people do other American heroes.

Tips For Working In The Trucking Industry

No matter what ends up being your forte, there are basic tips to succeeding in the industry. Take a look at these tips for running a successful shipping company.

1) Finding work

Haulage companies are always looking for shipping work. For example, https://www.shiply.com/us/truck-loads is a popular load board for truckers looking for shipping work. There are several options, including paid and free load boards where shipping companies and carriers can liaise over cargo needing transport.

2) Route planning

Whether you are transporting goods or people, you will need to plan the route. This can be done by using a GPS device or online route planner. You will also need to work out charging rates and fuel costs. Remember to leave plenty of time for parking, refueling, bathroom breaks, and food.

3) Build your own customer base

Once you have been in the industry for a while, you should have enough contacts to build your own customer base. This can be a far more profitable source of work, especially if you have built up a good reputation.

What are the benefits of living on the road?

Spending large amounts of time on the road has its benefits:

1) Every day is different

Not every day of work is the same, and each comes with its challenges. Your job is to figure them out. So each day is a new adventure!

2) See the country

You’re practically a tourist for free! You get to enjoy the great sites of America and save money by living on the road and not paying rent.

3) Meet new people

You are in a line of work that requires you to talk to people, whether they be big clients, other drivers, or just your boss on the CB radio. You can meet a lot of new and interesting people by working as a truck driver.

4) Job security

While driving a truck may not be the most glamorous job, it is definitely in high demand. There is always going to be a trucking company somewhere that needs another driver. This means you won’t starve on the streets if you lose your job or quit.

5) Good pay

You can make quite a bit of money being a truck driver, especially for being in such a low-key industry. The average salary for a trucker is about $45,000 – $60,000. This can go up or down depending on the company, how overworked you are, and where exactly you are working.

Truckers are the backbone of the shipping industry and deserve our admiration and respect. They work tirelessly to ensure our economy runs smoothly. They are true American heroes.

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