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macOS Ventura’s Features Gamers Need to Know

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macOS Ventura's Features

At WWDC 2022, Apple officially unveiled macOS 13 and branded macOS Ventura. It was revealed how the new OS would be packed with exceptionally new features to help users easily collaborate and share in their favorite applications, get everyday things done on Mac even better and immerse themselves in next-level games. While all mac OS versions offer something new to the users, Ventura promises to be a game-changer where users can sync their Macs and iPhones for a powerful webcam. 

In this guide, you will learn how gaming gets better with macOS Ventura and a brief introduction to the other new features coming to Mac. 

Gaming Support on macOS Ventura 

  • Metal 3 – Apple’s launch of Metal 3 is expected to benefit gamers greatly. Metal is a graphics framework that deeply taps into the GPU of Mac systems. Significant improvements to game visuals are expected with the third-generation release of Metal, and this is compatible with Ventura. Thanks to MetalFX Upscaling, developers can speedily render complex scenes without using too many computer-intensive frames. Then, they can apply temporal anti-aliasing and resolution scaling. It will result in accelerated performance and provide gamers with more responsive graphics and feel that will keep them engaged. 
  • The Use of Buddy Controllers – Launching as an accessibility feature enables the use of buddy controllers in Ventura. A Buddy controller is a feature where gamers can use two controllers, which will be in tandem with each other. Therefore, in effect, it will act as a single controller. Hence, you can enjoy multiplayer games with your friends or family even better. Thanks to the buddy controller feature, game nights can be bigger and better. Furthermore, fantastic gaming controllers like Logitech G29 and Logitech G920 are now supported on Mac. So, gamers can go all out in playing their choice games and expect a great gaming experience. 
  • SharePlay Gets an Update – With macOS Ventura, SharePlay gets better across Apple devices. Gamers can start a FaceTime call while playing their favorite games together. 
  • Updated Game Center – Thanks to the updated Game Center on macOS Ventura, you can connect with other players and friends. You can also see what’s new in Apple’s Arcade and your unlocked achievements, and look at the leaderboards to see where you stand among your friends. 

Additionally, macOS Ventura and Metal 3 are paving the way for new games to come to Mac, and some of them are mentioned below. 

  • Sonic Generations – Currently, there’s no way of natively playing Sonic’s game on Macs. With Sonic Generations, SEGA is ready to test the waters and see how it works on Macs. Sonic Generations is inspired by Sonic’s 31st anniversary, and the replayability, hidden collectibles, and remade songs will not make you miss out on the earlier Sonic games. 
  • Elden Ring – Elden Ring is a game that tests players’ patience, but once they defeat the enemy, they’re rewarded in droves. The impressive design and graphics can be an excellent showcase for Metal 3 and give macOS users the confidence that they can play such games on their system. 
  • Grand Theft Auto Series – The wait’s over for gamers because the GTA series is coming to macOS. For the longest time, it was believed that games relating to violence and horror were a no-go for Apple. But everything changes with GTA’s multi-platform release on handheld devices, PCs, Macs, and consoles. 

Now that you Know how Gaming is Bigger and Better in Ventura Look at the Other Features you can Expect to Enjoy with this OS Update. 

  • Continuity Camera – Users can convert their iPhone into a webcam for an extra angle. Besides, the Handoff feature allows users to start a FaceTime call on their iPad or iPhone and seamlessly continue the call on their Mac. 
  • Stage Manager – Stage Manager is an all-new way to remain focused on a window or an application. Users can operate as many windows simultaneously as they want with this tool while it gathers all the windows in a single pile. The tool makes it easy to switch between windows and applications and group applications they wish to use together. 
  • Messages – Undo or edit a recently sent message, recover accidentally deleted, or mark a message as unread. These features are coming to Mac and match what’s coming to Messages in iPadOS 16 and iOS 16. 
  • Mail – Users can search within Mail to get new updates. Now, users can find things between contacts, recent emails, photos, and documents faster. The search is designed to be much more intuitive, and users can also schedule send or undo send in Mail. 
  • Passkeys – With Passkeys, Apple is looking at a password-less future. Passkeys are unique digital keys not stored on web servers and use Touch ID or Face ID to sign in. These will sync across Apple devices with iCloud Keychain. 
  • Safari – There’s built-in collaboration to connect over FaceTime or Messages. Users can share grouped tabs with family or friends. 


macOS Ventura is a big release and one that can genuinely change how Macs are viewed. With this release and the launch of Metal 3, you can finally enjoy your favorite games on your Mac without any fuss.

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