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A day to honour our mentors

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honour our mentors

Teachers’ Day is celebrated every year on September 5 to felicitate the teachers of our society and commemorate their efforts in various fields. This day is observed all over the world by many countries but on different dates. 

The dates for teachers’ day celebrations are decided to coincide with important events all around the world.

In India, a teacher isn’t only an educator; they have been revered as a ‘Guru’ since ancient times. In our culture, there is an old-age tradition of treating teachers as gods. The day was initially celebrated as Guru Purnima to mark the birth anniversary of Maharishi Ved Vyasa. On this day, people wish their mentors who have guided them to choose the right path.

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Why is Teacher’s Day celebrated on the birthday of Dr Radhakrishnan?

This day is celebrated to mark the birth anniversary of Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, a philosopher, teacher, and statesman who served as the first Vice President and second President of India.

While serving as the elected president, Dr Radhakrishnan was asked by his pupils for his permission to commemorate his birthday. Dr Radhakrishnan declined the proposal and asked them to rather observe his birthday as Teachers’ Day in order to appreciate the work done by teachers in the field of education. 

Since 1962, the tradition of Teachers’ Day began, as a way of thanking teachers for their endless effort in building an educated and cultured society. They play a crucial role in the development of the nation and therefore, must be praised and respected.

Importance of a teacher in one’s life 

  1. A teacher’s influence on their students’ lives is evident. Youths are the future of the nation. Besides parents, teachers get all the credit for shaping youth’s future today so they can be beautiful human beings tomorrow.
  1. Only giving knowledge, lectures and attending back-to-back classes is not the only responsibility of a teacher. A faculty is the one who makes a powerful impact in their students’ lives. They inspire them to be a better version of themselves and achieve something great in life.
  1. Teachers educate the candidates on unique qualities like kindness, kinship and simplicity. All the students are not the same and teachers collide with students with different personalities. It is very easy to guide someone with a life goal. The real challenge in a teacher’s life is meeting aimless individuals with zero sincerity and influencing them to become a better version of themselves. So a coach’s duty isn’t restricted to just giving bookish knowledge to students; it is way beyond that.
  1. Being a teacher is not a smooth job, and they need to deal with a lot throughout their career. An educator must be the candidates’ ideals; they must look upon them with respect.  
  1. There are many important ways through which teachers have a notable impact on the student’s life. They not only are role models but help the youth with the right guidance to move their heads towards a better future. 
  1. Mentors evaluate the strengths and deficiencies of their students and guide them to follow the best practices to overcome their fears. Along with identifying the abilities of the students, they teach them valuable life skills too. Teachers are the ones who motivate the students to do better in life to fulfil their dreams. Through their guidance, the students get to know how to take the right decisions in life. 
  1. Teachers are the ultimate example in a student’s life. A great teacher is always encouraging and compassionate towards his students and appreciates their achievements in every field. 
  1. Teachers are dedicated learners who can not only teach but listen to the student’s problems and try to give solutions to the best of their ability. Skilled teachers handle things with patience and can shape the academic goals of the youths. The concept of influential education and training of students is directly proportional. 
  1. An instructor helps us to become excellent people. Good people can commit to the development of the community. A well-developed society with nice people helps others succeed and be happy. That is why people need teachers who think about the country’s future.

After reading this, you must be thinking about your teacher who had a great influence on your life. So this teachers’ day, wish your mentor for always guiding you to achieve your goals. 

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