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How do I get admission into veterinary college?

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Veterinary science is a competitive and rewarding field of study. Students who are passionate about the treatment and well-being of animals choose to pursue veterinary medicine. Earning a seat at a reputable veterinary school is the first step to building a career as a veterinarian.

There are several requirements for getting admitted to a veterinary school. These are often in line with the veterinary school clinical rotations and basic medicine program to select applicants who are suited to the curriculum.

If you are planning to apply to a veterinary school of medicine, you must have a good understanding of the admission process to boost your chances of getting selected. So, let’s explore some of the ways students can prepare for the admission process.

Complete the prerequisite coursework

Completing the prerequisite coursework before applying is a mandatory requirement in most colleges. This is to ensure that the applicant has a basic understanding of the core science subjects which will allow for the smooth progression onto the veterinary school program. The prerequisite courses are listed below.

  • Biology

A student should complete one academic year of general biology, which equals six credit hours in their undergraduate or high school education.

  • Chemistry

One academic year of general chemistry which equals six credit hours and a half academic year of organic chemistry which equals three credit hours are required from students. You can also substitute half a year of biochemistry in place of organic chemistry.

  • Mathematics or computer science

Students must have completed half an academic year of college-level mathematics or computer science which equals three credit hours.

  • Language arts (English)

A half academic year of English coursework is necessary as a part of the language requirement. Students can substitute any paper that has a writing component in place of the English paper.

During the pre-med coursework, the students must have laboratory practice in biology and organic chemistry papers.

Graduate Record Examination

Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is recommended for students who apply for veterinary medicine. The examination tests your basic science knowledge, critical thinking, and reasoning skills. Even though the test is not mandatory, having a good GRE score can help you get through the admission process and secure a seat.

Previous experience

Having first-hand experience handling animals of all sizes is looked at favorably during the admission process. This demonstrates the applicant’s skills and interest in animals which can add value to a personal statement.

Letters of recommendation and other documents

Two letters of recommendation from experienced professionals are required along with your application. Therefore, it is important to gain experience in the field before applying to veterinary school.

As well as this, a well-written personal statement that highlights your goals, values, and achievements and an updated resume can go a long way in securing a seat on your dream course.

Submitting the application form without errors, paying the application fees, and fulfilling all other recommended criteria can help you secure admission to a veterinary college. 

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