Research Literature Reviews: Types And Purposes

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Literature Reviews

A literature review is one component that can be included in a larger research paper. They can also act as an introduction to the rest of your paper and assist you in determining which topics you wish to go into greater detail about in the body of your work.

Students and researchers alike should place a strong emphasis on writing literature reviews. Before beginning their research (or even if they just want some additional information), students require that they can read what others have written on topics that are comparable to the ones they will be investigating. Researchers can use literature reviews as a form of training in critical thinking. This training can help researchers think critically about various types of literature reviews and provide researchers with the direction regarding the types of studies that should be conducted in the future.

A literature review can be a precursor to the introduction of a research paper.

A literature review comprehensively summarises the relevant literature on a topic. It does not summarise all of the relevant information in that body of work but instead provides an overview of what has been written about it and how it applies to your research question.

A literature review can be a precursor for writing an introduction or conclusion section of a research paper. Literature review writing help may be helpful for students experiencing difficulty putting their thoughts into words.

Literature reviews are important for both students and researchers.

Literature review samples are essential for both students and researchers. For students, they help them understand the background of a topic and identify research gaps. Researchers can be used to identify new questions and areas of interest.

Different types of literature reviews can help researchers guide their studies.

A narrative literature review is a type of study that uses the results of previous studies to explain a phenomenon or answer a question. Narrative reviews are often used in qualitative research, where they can be accommodating in understanding how people think about issues and make decisions.

Included in a systematic literature review are any studies pertinent to the topic being discussed (for instance, “What factors influence the decision process for employees?” is an example of a research question that serves as the framework for a systematic literature review). Meta-analyses are a type of systematic review that condenses research into a single summary report using statistical analysis methods such as averaging or weighted averages. Systematic reviews may also contain these types of meta-analyses.

Narrative literature review

A narrative literature review is a review of the literature that presents the information in a narrative form. It is not structured, and it does not contain any critical evaluation or analysis. This type of writing style aims to provide readers with an overview of what has been done and what has been found in each study on a particular topic.

Systematic literature review

The purpose of a systematic literature review is to summarise a body of literature rigorously and objectively. The goal of this type of research is to find the most important sources of information that are relevant to your topic by reviewing all the relevant sources. Systematic literature reviews are integral to the research process since they help you organize your work and ensure that you have covered all aspects of your topic before moving on to other aspects of your research.


A meta-analysis is a statistical procedure for combining the results of multiple studies. This allows you to analyze the overall strength of the relationship between two variables and make generalizations about it.

Taking the example above, if you are writing a research paper about how much weight you can gain if you eat one slice of pizza per day and another slice every other day, you would need to conduct a meta-analysis using both of the data sets (the first with no breaks between slices). As a result of doing this, you will be able to determine if there are any differences in how much weight was gained from eating different types of pizza and whether those differences were significant in terms of weight gain.


In a literature review, readers will find information about a topic that has been gathered and analyzed. In addition to using them to guide your research, you can also use them to introduce your research paper as an introduction. Depending on the approach, the analysis, and the purpose of the literature review, there are different kinds of literature reviews.

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