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Basics sciences – A career high in demand

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Basics sciences

Becoming a doctor is among the most prestigious job roles in the world as it is globally acknowledged and respected. Though, this field requires tremendous effort and has different divisions as well. Students need to decide early on as to what career path they will take in the medical field and accordingly choose the right program. 

A basic sciences program builds a strong foundation for physicians and gives them relevant and necessary knowledge. The program is devised to give student’s in-depth understanding of important basic science concepts such as cell and molecular biology, biochemistry, physiology and more. It also includes clinical sciences which is another very essential body of knowledge. 

Importance of basic science 

Basic science is a highly important program for all aspiring physicians as this program offers sound foundational knowledge that students need to be able to progress towards the clinical science program. 

During the basic science program, you will be taught the medical curriculum through an integrative approach which will include clinical case studies, various kinds of research projects, group discussions and much more. 

The curriculum is put in place to give students a good understanding of the human body, be it in health and disease. Students use the knowledge gained from basic sciences to treat patients and also for the prevention of diseases. This learning is also used to promote good health.  

Why study basic science? 

Basic science is among the most prevalent and preferred medical programs that aspiring medical students need to study. This foundational knowledge is needed to build the right expertise to specialise in a suitable medical field. 

Nicholas C Nelson says that by studying basic science, you can deepen your knowledge and understanding of common diseases and the mechanism with which they spread. You will also be able to recognise the symptoms of common diseases and assess them well. 

Along with this, you will also be able to understand the mechanism that is involved in the treatment of different pathological states. 

Basic science programs in the Caribbean 

If you are looking to study basic sciences, then you must check out the medical schools in the Caribbean. Many of these medical schools are highly reputable and offer excellent education along with accredited degrees.  

You will find that the quality of education offered in the Caribbean is at par with its U.S. counterparts. From high USMLE 1 pass rates to clinical rotations and even residency programs in the U.S, Caribbean medical schools offer it all. 

There are many excellent medical universities on the island that you can choose to study basic science but it’s best that you choose the best of the lot and ensure that they have a rigorous curriculum, experienced faculty, and consistently high USMLE 1 pass rates and they offer clinical rotations. By studying the website and student reviews of the medical schools on the island, you will get a good idea of which one is suited to your needs. 

Additionally, medical schools in the Caribbean also have an easier admission process that gives precedence to various other factors than being solely limited to marks. Also, since Caribbean medical schools have rolling admission, students are bounded by a deadline. 

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