Five Reasons to Go Premium With iTop VPN

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A VPN is a must-have service for safe browsing. iTop VPN is a leading VPN service provider with plenty of features that you will love. As a newbie to iTop VPN, you can take advantage of the free VPN service. You do not need to pay or sign up for an account to use this version, where you enjoy features like 700MB of data use and access to 16 servers. 

While the free version is excellent, the features are few. You have to go premium with iTop VPN to get more perks.  We will look at the benefits of the premium packages. Before that, let us know more about them.

There are three iTop plans to pick from showing its adaptability. You can either choose the 12-month, 24-month, or 36-month plan, as per your preference. Once you pick the desired package, you proceed to pay for it by entering your email, then your billing info. After paying you to get further instructions on installation. Launch it on your device and take advantage of its niceties.

Let us look at the reasons to go premium with this VPN for Windows.

1. Reasonably Priced

The first thing to admire about iTop’s plans is their reasonable prices. You have a decent bargain at $11.99 per month. More good news is that the packages presently come at amazing discounts. Instead of the standard price, you pay $3.99 for the 12-month plan and $2.31 for the 24-month plan. you get the best value from the 36-month plan, which costs $1.66 monthly, an 86% discount.

2. Faster Internet

We have all been in the slow internet situation, which you will admit is pretty frustrating. No need to have such troubles with iTop VPN, as you get 10-times faster internet. If the connection is stable, you will browse fast with no buffering, ideal for gaming or communication, especially if you are working. 

3. Enhanced Browser Safety

The other benefit of going premium is stronger security protocols that ensure your full protection when browsing. When you subscribe to a plan, you unlock several features, such as anti-phishing and antitracking. You get protected from malicious websites, trackers, ads, and malware.

4. Access To 1800+ Servers Worldwide

You do not have to worry about geo-restrictions when you bank on this VPN service. The premium plans grant you access to more than 1800 servers worldwide. It means you can always access the content you need, regardless of your location. 

5. 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Moreover, iTop’s plans have a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you feel you do not like the services provided, you can ask for a refund, which will be granted as soon as possible.

Final Say

You cannot go wrong with iTop VPN as your browsing companion. You can see the many perks you get by going premium. Regarding the premium plans, you can see how versatile this service provider is, as it has something for everyone.

The free VPN plan is ok but has fewer features. As a professional, you should pick any of the premium packages and get the full benefits of iTop VPN. 

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