How to Pick the Best Shishas in the Market?

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Smoking shisha with your friends is a popular smoking culture that has caught up with everyone across the globe.

Shisha is usually tobacco mixed with fruits and other flavours to create a smoking mix. The shisha pipe burns wood, coal or charcoal to heat the tobacco. Then the smoke is filtered through water before reaching the smoker.

You can visit popular shisha lounges in Australia to have a good time. With the rising demand for shisha, you will come across shisha for sale in different online stores.

Even if you are a regular shisha smoker, it can be challenging to identify a good shisha and the right flavour. Want to know more about it? Keep reading, and you’ll have a much clearer idea about it by the end.

Finding the Perfect Match in Shisha

Most people smoke shisha because of its delectable flavours. The flavours added to the tobacco create the perfect base and make shisha smoking a pleasing experience. Users opt for flavours of their choice to make their smoking experience an added pleasure. Now, for some insights into finding the right shisha flavour for yourself:

  • The right shisha should not taste like tobacco or be smoky or earthy. It should taste fruity, have a sweet smell, and leave a fruity aftertaste in your mouth. Some people enjoy the taste of mint, while some enjoy watermelon or guava.
  • Keeping in mind people’s tastebuds, there are unique flavours available. The flavours also depend on the strength-whether you like mild or strong smoke.
  • Mufasa Herbal offers 100% Nicotine and Tar free shisha. Instead of tobacco leaves, you will find exotic herbs infused with pure natural honey and glycerin. This range of shisha gives your lungs a refreshment.
  • Do not try to choose flavours based on popularity. Of course, there’s no harm in trying the popular products. But tastes differ for every people. So, if you like fruity flavours like citrus or apple, you may not find flavours like chocolate or vanilla appealing.
  • The best way to find the right flavour is, of course, by trying various flavours. Then choose your favourites among them, considering your taste preferences.

Creating the Perfect Shisha

The flavour of shisha plays a significant role in enhancing its taste. But the critical factor here is to make the perfect base.

Adding too much water can cause no smoke or the chance of inhaling water through the pipe. This is why a correct quantity is required. Once the water is added, the coal or wood must burn adequately to give you the right taste and smoke.

Also, many people mix different flavours or add juice or tobacco leaves to get a unique taste. It is important that you know the correct quantity, or else it will be a huge flop.

If you are feeling experimental, try creating some amazing shisha cocktails.


People get the opportunity to choose the shisha flavour, which makes shisha smoking so popular across every age group.

So, what are you waiting for?

A variety of flavours you have never tried before and the option to choose nicotine-free shisha flavours make certain brands stand out. You will find different flavours of shisha for sale online. Try maximum flavours to pick your favourite. Give your tastebuds a memorable experience.

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