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How Can TikTok Ads Improve Travel & Tourism Brands?

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TikTok Ads Improve

Nowadays, the average user from the US spends 24 hours per month on TikTok. Thus, TikTok seems to be the familiar social media network that beats every social media platform. In 2020, the rising visibility of TikTok records as the most downloaded app. Also, TikTok ranks in the second-largest position among their audiences. After knowing about the best features of TikTok, you will be eager to kick start your venture on TikTok with the best effective advertising methods. If not, why can’t you try working on TikTok right now? First, create your TikTok account, then make your audience understand your niche category. For instance, your TikTok niche can be entertainment, travel, or food. After that, start your TikTok ads or organic TikTok posts.

Further, try to expand your audience engagement on TikTok, where you have a higher organic video engagement and generate traffic. By accomplishing your higher organic rank on TikTok, you can get many TikTok followers. In that case, you will have a question popping in your mind, where can I buy tiktok followers? For this, we would suggest you how to recognize the best service providers online for the TikTok profile. These are the following criteria to get your TikTok service provider online for your TikTok profile:

  • Check whether your service provider offers the fastest and affordable services for your TikTok.
  • Does it have trouble navigating through the service pages?

After checking these factors, then start to plan to get your TikTok followers in a legit way. This article will explain everything about the TikTok ads for your travel niche that can kickstart your tourism marketing, and it is not as challenging as you think. Apart from this, we will walk you through the pros and cons of using TikTok ads to advertise your travel brand, along with how to set your first TikTok ads. 

How Should Travel & Tourism Companies Use TikTok Ads?

Today, it says that sharing 23 billion TikTok videos post using the popular hashtags #TikTokTravel. Also, these counts will continue to expand as several people start their travel plans again. For example, TikTok’s travel content got hashtags like #travel, #flying, #holiday. In 2021, the usage of these travel hashtags was rising to the peak. As a result, TikTok seems to be featuring as the trending platform for travel business marketing. Also, the TikTok app looks appealing for travel and tourism brands by targeting younger audiences. 

Yet, TikTok has an increasing population from their Boomers. Gen X’s and Millennials. Around 60% of TikTok users are between 20 and 49 years, whereas audiences of 50 years make up more than 11% of the app’s user base. Thus, the TikTok app is the perfect go-to resource for engaging audiences. If you are working on tour and travel brands on TikTok, you can work with your TikTok ads to gain profits. Above all, TikTok offers you the opportunity to focus on travelers when they begin their marketing journey. 

Fact: TikTok serves as the best platform for tourism brands and professionals. The platform offers the chance to drive higher TikTok engagement for your travel brand. Apart from that, if you are trying to expand your potential customers to your TikTok profile for your travel business, then at Trollishly, you can double your follower’s growth and sales rate. 

Best Practices For Running Your Travel Brand’s TikTok Ads

There are different tricks to make sure to kick start the success of your TikTok ad. 

1. Catch Your Audience Within The First Three Seconds

Do you know how to expand your travel and tourism business on your TikTok account? If not, know the powerful hack of grabbing your audience within the first three seconds. Next, start with your TikTok ads that make your followers scroll your travel videos to be curious to look at your travel brands. So, try to know that your TikTok ads must use engaging visuals, sounds, or transitions to grab your viewer right away within the first three seconds of your TikTok ad. 

2. Include Background Music

Want to improve your travel and tourism brand to look engaging among your audience base? If so, start to use music backgrounds for your travel brand on the TikTok video. It is crucial to make your TikTok videos have background music, and the powerful song seems to be better. Also, try to use viral songs and sound effects for your TikTok video to reach among followers where these viral TikTok videos have different challenges. Indeed, most of the TikTok videos depend on very particular sound effects. 

For example, travel TikTok challenges make followers make your TikTok video at the beach, hotels, and parks during their holidays. However, the TikTok challenge only works with the specific audio, with around 30K videos created. 

If you need to identify viral songs, then press the Discover tab, where you can recognize viral sounds by jumping through TikTok videos on the app. Looking down at the ones you are looking at again. You can hit on any individual audio to see the number of videos. 

Fact: Are you trying to expand your TikTok followers for your travel and tourism brand? If so, start your TikTok marketing to enhance your engagement with that try Trollishly, making you famous on TikTok. 


In short, TikTok serves as the right tourism marketing tool without a doubt. Anyhow, TikTok offers an exciting chance to advertise your tourism field. Also, we hope that you agree that TikTok provides an exciting opportunity for travel brands to pull their new audience base. Right now, TikTok is the right time to begin so that your travel agency stays top of mind once the audience starts to buy from your brand again. Again, the travel industry is fun and grabbing where it shouldn’t be too challenging to find videos that display your destinations. If you need many more tricks, then try out these above strategies. Also, it will support you and enhance your advertising. 

Finally, my final advice would be to make fun as TikTok is a fantastic platform so try to enjoy it the most. 

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