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Styling and Wearing Diamonds with Class: All You Need to Know

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Styling and Wearing Diamonds

Diamonds have become a status symbol in society for centuries. Now, diamonds are more popularly seen in engagement rings or wedding bands.

For women, diamond jewellery is just the perfect, romantic present to reignite the joy between couples. It is just the right jewel to propose to your bride on her big day and make her feel extra special.

Diamond pieces can also be given as gifts for special occasions such as graduations or anniversaries. But how can you flaunt the beauty of your well-loved diamond jewellery? Here’s a quick guide.

Diamond Jewellery You Can Wear With Class

1.   Diamond Rings

When one says diamonds, the first thing that comes to mind is rings. This thought is justifiable since engagement and wedding rings for women are dominated by this precious stone.

Diamond rings signify a couple’s everlasting love, as the timeless gem itself can quite literally last forever.

Click here to see the best wedding rings for women. Also, you can take a look at some of the trendiest styles and ways you can wear diamond rings:

●     Toi et Moi Diamond Rings

This refers to rings with multiple diamonds. Many celebrities have been spotted flashing these uniquely styled rings with double, and even triple stones and gems.

This popular design of 2022 with two gems signifies two people coming together, while the one with three gems signifies the past, present, and future of the couple together.

●     Gender-Neutral Diamond Bands

These designs are unlike the sleek ones common among women. Their bold and chunky design makes them stand out quite well. Many celebrities have been spotted wearing such designs, which are adding to their popularity.

●     Rings with Colorful Diamonds

These are the rarest and significantly more expensive than regular white diamonds. Such types of diamonds make distinctive, eye-catching, and quite regal jewelry. They have recently gained popularity due to their bold and bright colors that make fancy accessories.

●     Black Diamonds

Black ice makes a one-of-a-kind wedding ring. Although very rare, they have become the next big thing among luxury buyers this year.

●     Stacked Rings

Stacked rings are the new trend this year. It allows customers to be more creative with their designs by stacking different bands and diamonds of various shapes into one. It is not necessarily a chunky look, and if designed well, can look quite elegant.

2.   Diamond Earrings

Diamond earrings come in different styles, shapes, and sizes. A simple but sparkly stud diamond earrings can easily go with everything if you are going for a casual or subtle look.

For a more dramatic vibe, teardrop and chandelier diamond earrings are great options. Especially if you want to draw more attention to your face.

3.   Diamond Necklaces and Chains

Unlike diamond earrings, diamond necklaces and chains add a more formal yet sophisticated look to your appearance. Even if you plan to wear something simple, a diamond necklace will add just the right sparkle for the special occasion.

Since your neck is centered, a diamond necklace or chain can easily be the centerpiece of your overall look. Make sure that the diamond jewelry that you will wear in this area will compliment everything you are wearing.

4.   Diamond Chokers

Diamond chokers are great to pair off with low-cut dresses to make your neck appear long and slender. They tend to have a chunkier look than necklaces and go well with heavy gowns.

5.   Tennis Bracelets

Tennis bracelets are great for a simple, vintage, yet chic look. These bracelets are timeless and can be paired with any outfit. You can even stack your diamond bracelets for a more bold look.

6.   Diamond Tiaras and Hair Clips

Diamond tiaras are definitely worn for special occasions and it gives out Breakfast at Tiffany’s vibes that we all love. Tiaras can be worn at grand parties. Diamond hair clips on the other hand are more lowkey and can be perfect for everyday wear.

7.   Diamond Brooches and Cufflinks

Diamond brooches can be a stand-alone centerpiece for formal occasions. It is perfect for award ceremonies or business gatherings. The same goes with diamond cufflinks.

Popular Diamond Cuts and Sizes for Your Jewelry

Diamonds are manufactured and sold in various shapes and sizes, each adding its unique beauty and elegance to accessories like studs, wedding bands, engagement rings, and even tennis bracelets.

Although all diamond cuts are unique in their own way, certain shapes have become more popular among luxury buyers. The diamond is the center of attention in the ring, and having the right shape on your finger really makes a big difference!

Here are some popular diamond cuts for wedding jewelry for women:

1.   The Round Cut Diamond

The classic, brilliant round diamond cut is the most popular and go-to shape for most buyers. Although it is not very unique or uncommon, its universal shape works for all types of diamond jewelry—be it pendants, studs, rings, or even bracelets.

2.   The Oval Cut Diamond

This cut is more unique and rare as compared to round-cut diamonds. Its elegant, elongated design is definitely exquisite and busts with brilliance. It even makes your fingers appear longer!

3.   The Princess Cut Diamond

This geometrical diamond cut is perfect if you are aiming for a more modern and stylish look. This cut is more angular and has a square shape. It is just as popular and brilliant as the classic round cut diamond but definitely a lot easier on the pocket.

4.   The Marquise or Navette Cut Diamond

Just like the oval cut diamond, the marquise cut diamond also has a very fancy and exquisite flair to it. It has curved sides with pointed edges which also create an illusion of elongated fingers. This sparkly diamond is also very rare with a regal touch.

5.   The Pear Cut or Teardrop Diamond

The pair-shaped diamond cut is half oval and half marquise: pointed from the top and round from the bottom. This vintage diamond cut has an old-world feel and is just as unique and brilliant as the oval and Navette cut diamonds.

6.   The Cushion Cut Diamond

This geometrically cut diamond has a square shape with rounded edges. Just like the pair cut diamond, the cushion cut diamond also has a vintage feel with a distinctive and delicate look. Although they are not as sparkly as the round cut or oval cut diamond, they are just as fancy and popular.

7.   The Radiant Cut Diamond

Brilliant and flashy, the radiant cut diamond is also a classic, square-shaped stone with deep cuts. However, this one is quite rare. Its edges are not very sharp, which makes it less prone to chipping.

8.   The Heart Cut Diamond

The heart-cut diamond speaks for itself. It is the ideal diamond shape for a romantic, valentine’s day ring. However, for the stone to appear symmetric and glittery, a lot of labor and extra pay goes into its making.


Diamonds are a symbol of class and luxury. They make perfect gems for wedding jewelry, no matter what shape or size. With all the aforementioned quick tips on the various diamond cuts, shapes, and styles, you can know which diamond is the one for her and can surprise her with the ring of her dreams.

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