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What is the Real Speed of Your Internet? 3 Easy Ways to Find Out

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Speed of Your Internet

If something has dramatically influenced us during the pandemic in the past two years, then it is the internet. We have all experienced the pain of a feeble internet connection, and it was especially apparent in the initial stages of lockdown. It was likely that the internet bandwidth was not meant for everyone to use all at once.  Moreover, some home internet connections were not working steadily at all.

While we can feel glad that it was just our Netflix stream that was delayed, it is a fear for modern-day remote workers that your internet connectivity will be so poor that even a simple email can not be delivered. Nevertheless, the technological advancements have ensured that we as we know it has undergone significant changes and improved in both connectivity and speed.

While the world is reliant on internet services, it is best to conduct a quick internet speed test. This will help you determine and take immediate stock of the performance of your internet service.

By conducting speed tests, you can compare cheap broadband packages that will meet your speed and cost requirements. Meaning you no longer have to drain your savings to obtain high-speed internet. 

In this article will discuss how you can find out the actual speed of your internet connectivity.

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Test the Speed of Your Internet Connection

Testing the speed of internet connectivity has never been easier. All thanks to the web services for existing primary and making this significantly more accessible. You will come across various software that helps you test the speed of your internet

While you search for stability but get speed measurements instead, it is certainly not helpful. But with fantastic options like Ookla Speedtest and Testmy.net, it’s easier to conduct speed tests. 

Significance of the Numbers – What Do They Mean?

Just before you head over to test your internet speed, you must know the significance of the data. Most speed testing sites offer download speed, upload speed, and latency data.

Download Speed

As its name suggests, download speed measures how fast your network can retrieve data from a server. Remember that the bigger the number, the better your internet connection’s download speed. But if the numbers are significantly lower, you cannot perform any tasks on the modern internet.

So to experience easy web browsing, your download speed should not be lower than 10Mbps. You can also compare the rate of several internet service providers here: https://www.comparebear.co.nz/broadband.

Upload Speed

This determines how quickly your network is capable of sending outward data. You will find that most of the home internet services have a lower upload speed than the download speed. It is less because it is not entirely essential for everyday tasks.


It is nothing but the time a signal requires for traveling from one computer to another and vice versa. If you find significant connection disruptions, you will know it is because of high latency. You will come across specific sites that measure “ping,” which is all the same, just without a round trip.

While pinging measures signal transmissions towards a single direction, latency measures signal transmissions in both directions.

Ways to Find Out the Real Speed of Your Internet

There are plenty of software and websites available in the market for testing your internet speed. However, we have picked out only a few of them. They are:

Speedof.me for Testing Consistency

This internet speed testing website looks exceptionally compact. It gives you specific information about your internet connectivity, including speed and connection stability.

The color-coded line graph makes it easy to see your results. It displays the speed and stability after collecting, uploading, and downloading junk data from your network. You might find that the graph dramatically dips for a couple of seconds and again rises significantly.

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Speedtest.net for the Basics

The most famous and most-used website for checking internet speed is Ookla’s Speedtest.net. This testing site runs for a few seconds and determines the upload and download speed. It also determines whether or not your network is busted.

Testmy.net for Most Data

Almost nobody talks about Testmy.net, but it is the most effective site for providing the most information. You will have to choose the tests that you wish to run. After ticking your choices, the website takes not more than 60 seconds to unleash the deciphered data.

The best thing about this site is that it gives you data by comparing other people’s speeds. It conducts speed tests worldwide and provides you with a listing of compared data.

If you figure out that your data is insufficient compared to others, you must contact your internet provider. This is the best way to throw some questions at them about your poor internet connectivity.

Ensure Your Internet is as Fast as Possible

If you are struggling to determine your internet speed, running speed tests will let you know. And if you find out that your internet connectivity is poor and failing you, you need to contact your internet service provider.

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