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How Can I Make My Product Photos Look Better?

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If you run an eCommerce website, having excellent products is not enough. You already know your products are great, but customers typically don’t. The best way to convince them is through the pictures of your products on the website. Since the customers cannot touch or feel the products, they mostly rely on the photos.

Therefore, it is of utmost priority that eCommerce websites have great photos of their products on their website. These will testify to the products’ quality, attractiveness, and value. Besides simply clicking the images, you must also leverage product retouching services to enhance the final image. 

This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about eCommerce product photo retouching services to enhance your product photos and make them look even better.

How to Make Product Photos Look Better

The first thing that eCommerce business owners need to consider before editing and taking pictures is how they want their final image to look. Do you want the products to be placed in front of a white background? Do you want them placed in a flat lay?

Once you have determined what direction to take your product photos, it is time for execution. Here’s all that you need to do to get the perfect shot and take your product photos to the next level:

1. Figure Out the Type of Photos You Need

There are various types of designs and colors involved in product photography. Hence, depending on the type of product you have and its use, you can choose a suitable one. You can consider taking group shots, detailed shots, single shots, scaled shots, etc.

If you have a product for everyday use, you can consider taking scaled shots or group shots. If you have a luxurious and expensive one or one used only for special occasions, you can consider detailed shots or single shots.

2. Set Up the Background and Product

Once you have decided the type of product photography to go with, it is time to set up your background. You need a background that is not too loud and will keep the image’s primary focus on the product itself. Most eCommerce websites use white backgrounds since they are clean and straightforward. Additionally, white backgrounds make it easier to undertake clipping path services like retouching.

Other than that, set up the product perfectly so that it sits at the right angle and the center of the shot. This will need a few adjustments to get right.

3. Choose the Best Lighting

One of the most critical factors that determine the quality of the product photo is the lighting since it makes all of the difference. Those on a budget can consider natural lighting, but only if they have good access. This is why to make the best use of natural light, shoot outdoors during peak sun hours.

If you want to have more control over the lighting in your product photos and have a budget, you can consider using artificial lighting through studio photos.

4. Use Clipping Path Services

Once you have shot the pictures, your work does not end there. You need to consider clipping path services. These are offered by professionals to help retouch and dramatically enhance the images to ensure that the product is the center of attention of the image and looks it’s very best. These services include the following:

Background Removal

This service can help you determine the best background for each product photo. It will also help you maintain consistency across all photos if you want. Background removal will also draw focus on the product entirely. It allows your image to have a clean-cut and cohesive aesthetic. 


This is one of the most critical aspects of product photography. Once you have taken the desired shots, you must edit them even if you think they look good on their own. Editing every image is necessary to take your pictures from great to spectacular and professional. With the right photo-editing software, you can adjust the lighting of the images and make them pop.

Colour Correction

Another important clipping path service for your product images is color correction. It will help bring out the colors of the product and add to the cohesiveness of all product images. Even a tiny touch-up of color correction can significantly affect your overall image.

Final Words

While shooting and taking product images are fairly straightforward, retouching them is not as simple. This is why you should consider outsourcing clipping path work. The right professionals who have an eye for editing will take your photos to the next level and ultimately help you with sales.

You should therefore consider getting in touch with Pixel By Hand. With years of experience with various eCommerce retailers, we can definitely help you retouch the images to perfection.  

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