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5 Word Games To Keep You Busy This Holiday Season

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It’s tough to keep kids entertained – and there always seems to be one more thing they want to do. Make sure they don’t get bored during the holidays with these quick word games! The only downside is that once you have them mastered, it can be hard to stop playing yourself.

A Brief Guide to Playing the Games

Busy people always have time to play games. There is a wide range of games that last anywhere between ten and seventy-five minutes. This is the perfect length for when it comes to taking a break near the end of a long day or just before going to sleep. These are some games that can enrich your life or help you better cope with times of stress this holiday season.

Most of us busy adults need to find ways to kill time. Codycross crossword puzzle is a fun pastime that can help you unwind, sharpen your vocabulary, and recharge. These games are played with people or with a group of people. You and your group pick words from the dictionary that corresponds to the subject of each game.

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Some people enjoy playing word games while they’re waiting in a line, sitting in a bus terminal, or simply when they want to bore their friends with long stories that only make sense after you distract yourself with different word games. Maybe you’ll finally solve the elusive clue your coworker tellingly gave out yesterday – or maybe you’ll find another way to keep busy this holiday season.

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There are a number of short-term games you can play in groups. Dr. Seuss Cat In The Hat is a word game that uses words from the book. This word game is more competitive since it has little room for mistakes or errors. Boggle features 26 letters and you start with four sightings on your board to look at. As you progress through the game, the letter distribution is shuffled and becomes harder to predict from seeing letters as they are spelled out.

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Over the upcoming holidays, stay busy with these five-word games to find words hidden around the grid. Play a quick one or two-round game to get your mind off of seasonal stress.

Games are a fun way to pass time when you’re bored. Sometimes they help you relieve stress or just provide an entertaining way to kill time. Usually, board games allow the game players to interact with one another, but other times games don’t do that, and there are games that are standalone where individuals play them on their own for pure entertainment.

Rules for 5 Word Games

5-word games are a fun and easy way to put your mind at ease as you eagerly await your return home after spending a year or so away from family. According to Huffington Post, the five most popular of these games are “the telephone game,” which involves taking turns saying things like “black and white” until someone gets it wrong; the passing game, where the person who is playing must work fast; zombie, when one person mindlessly repeats one word over and over again while everyone else tries their best to think of larger words; turn me on, where each player starts with no light on and then has to quickly switch on one light at a time before their battery dies; and the verb challenge (here goes nothing).”


At the end of the day, we are all just trying to live happy, fulfilling lives. We want to be able to take a break from some fun activities and anything that can help is appreciated! Giving and receiving smiles and laughter is not only important during holiday time but year-round as well. As long as we are enjoying life more, there is always something to be thankful for.

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