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Netbase Quid: Market Intelligence and Its Vitality in Businesses

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Market Intelligence

Market intelligence is the brand awareness generated by watching relevant markets and collecting information about trends, customers, goods, and rivals. It monitors relevant online sources and integrates proprietary consumer resources to gather and evaluate all of this structured and unstructured data. The analysis is crucial. It must be handled by the most advanced modeling, preferably driven by next-generation artificial intelligence, in order to extract actionable, accurate information that serves as the foundation for strategic decision-making affecting every aspect of the company. Furthermore, it provides tremendous competitive, consumer, and market data for long-term effects. In addition, like with anything, there is a good way and a bad way to accomplish things, which we will discuss further below.

The Value of Market Intelligence

It is critical to any firm’s success because it underpins all marketing. Effective market intelligence requires data collection, analysis, and application. Gain a competitive edge by being more customer-centric, understanding market demands and consumer perspectives, collecting real-time relevant data, increasing upselling opportunities, reducing risks, and increasing market share. These benefits are critical to any firm’s success, and market intelligence is one of the most important components in implementing good plans.

Why is it vital for any firm?

Identify your market position – Surveying the market helps you understand it better. It will tell you what your competitors are doing, what the market demand is, and who your target audience is. Using this data, a company can assess its market position and develop strategies.

Review your product – Its surveys provide actionable data on market product trends, feature preferences, and product specifications. So you can analyze your goods and make informed business decisions.

Surveys can help businesses identify their target demographic for specific products/services. It is a broad field. In today’s business world, knowing your competitors is critical. Businesses can use this data to adjust their products, analyze their competitors’ successes or failures, and design strategies based on their position.

Common Market Intelligence Tools


Visualping allows you to set up alerts for any changes on your rivals’ websites. Your rivals’ message changes may be tracked by changing dynamic material like news and promotions or more subtle changes such as a new page added to the navigation menu. Using this data, you may make educated guesses about what your rivals will do next based on their past behavior. To follow two particular websites with changes every day or up to 62 distinct pages with updates every month, you get about 62 free checks every month.


Crunchbase collects a wide range of information on companies, including funding, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), executive positions, and investments. When it comes to providing industry trends, news, and investments about global firms, Crunchbase depends on its venture partner network, a diverse group of contributors, and domestic data teams using machine learning technology to serve millions of visitors. The instrument is strong and a fantastic beginning point when it comes to competitive intelligence research.


As a result of Owler, you can compare and contrast your top rivals to uncover new and rising competitors in the market. Ahead of the competition, Owler uncovers tales about your business and your rivals as well as your customers, prospects, business partners, and vendors. You may sign up for daily email notifications from the firms you are interested in, and you will be the first to know when they release new information.


Tracking competitors is made easier with Talkwalker’s two free tools. An alternative to Google Alerts that gives you email notifications for your search keywords throughout news and press, forum boards, and blogs is Talkwalker Alerts. If you use Talkwalker, you can keep tabs on what your rivals are doing and saying and what others are saying about them. Additionally, you can install industry phrases alerts and popular topics to keep up with the newest market developments in your field.

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