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The complete guide to creating signage for your business

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Having a good acrylic sign for your business is a great way to advertise. 

But what exactly is acrylic sign? 

Here we will look at acrylic signs and how these signs have transformed over the years.

The history of acrylic signage 

Before acrylic signs were introduced into the market, sandwich boards were often utilized as a form of signage. 

A sandwich board was the first acrylic signage which used acrylic sheeting to advertise products or offers that were on sale at the time. 

Unfortunately, these acrylic signs had an extremely short use-by date as they quickly became tattered and torn after just a few uses. 

Regardless of how often they were repaired, their image always remained the same.

Another acrylic sign that was popular before acrylic signage arrived on the market was wood signage; however, these signs were heavy and difficult to transport. 

So, what does acrylic signage actually look like?

Acrylic signage is made of acrylic sheeting with printed or engraved images or writing on them.

The printing and engraving is done with acrylic paint and can be any colour of your choice.

Acrylic signs are extremely lightweight and easy to transport, making them the perfect form of signage for any business or event. 

Not only do acrylic signs look more permanent than other forms of signage such as sandwich boards but they also provide better advertising for little cost.

Different types acrylic signage: Acrylic indoor and outdoor signage acrylic sign

Indoor acrylic signs 

These acrylic signs are great for indoors and can be used in either new or existing buildings; however, we recommend these acrylic displays are kept out of direct sunlight as this may cause damage to the sign’s appearance over time. The best location for an indoor acrylic display is a shopping mall. 

This acrylic signage is perfect for displaying business information, such as promotional materials and product offers, to customers.

Outdoor acrylic signs 

These acrylic displays are perfect for outdoor advertising and can be placed on the side of a vehicle or within a store or shop front window. 

If you want your acrylic sign to last and help promote your brand effectively it should be built to withstand bad weather conditions such as wind and rain.

Not only will this acrylic sign stand up well in all weathers but these displays also come with rounded corners so that they cannot scratch or damage other surfaces if they hit them accidentally. This acrylic sign design makes acrylic signs much safer than traditional wooden signage as it eliminates the risk of injury from protruding corners.

What acrylic signage features should I look for? 

When shopping for acrylic signs you will notice that some acrylic displays come with a range of features while others don’t have any at all. 

Some acrylic sign features to look out for are: Acrylic indoor and outdoor signage acrylic sign – Acrylic signs with rounded corners acrylic sign – Engraving or printing on the display acrylic sign – Frames around the outside acrylic indoor and outdoor signage- Acrylic signage stands acrylic indoor and outdoor signage- LED lights in your acrylic display acrylic indoor and outdoor signage- Clear covers over your acrylic signs (ideal for protecting against weather conditions)

Related products that go well together with these acrylic displays include vinyl lettering, engraving services, acrylic stands, acrylic shelves and acrylic bases.

Why acrylic signs are the best choice for your business acrylic sign

Acrylic signage is fantastic for advertising purposes as it can be placed virtually anywhere to provide effective advertising. 

Unlike many other forms of signage such as sandwich boards, acrylic displays can also be used over and over again without showing signs of wear and tear.

Acrylic signage is extremely lightweight so these acrylic signs are easy to transport from location to location. This means that if you’re planning an outdoor event then these acrylic displays will be perfect for exhibition stands or providing information about your products or services at festivals or markets. 


Acrylic signs are a very appealing way of advertising your business. 

These acrylic displays can be placed anywhere and will always look great due to their eye-catching appearance. 

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