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Make Your Debut In The Audio-Based Social Media App Like Clubhouse

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Audio-Based Social Media App

Social media networks bind together people from all over the world. It is the best thing that we have witnessed in this century. Moreover, we begin our day with these social media apps. Probably, social media apps are the last thing we see before going to our beds. This is the impact of social media networks on our daily day activities. 

More than as a social media network, it remains as a marketplace these days. Billions of users gather up on the platform to socialize with each other. This eventually gave rise to the term called digital marketing. Now in the lines of social media networks, joins the audio-based social media apps. These apps function as a network where the users can socialize in audio-based format. 

This trend in audio-based networking has given a new arena for entrepreneurs to raise up. With the rise in demand for innovation, you can also set your mark with an alluring audio-based social media app

How Does Clubhouse Rise To Fame In The Market?

April 2020 is regarded as the landmark year for the birth of audio-based social media apps. When the entire global community was busy with social media apps, there arose the seeds for audio-based social media networks. The global pandemic closed our doors and made us live in quarantine. Mobile phones became the only source of communication for individuals. It was during this time Clubhouse made its debut. 

Audio-based social media apps forayed into the social media app market as a silhouette for audio-based communication. Unlike other social media networks, it focused on letting individuals talk with others on the platform. They introduced the ideology of rooms where the users can join and discuss various topics. Since the pandemic, voice chat apps have become highly popular among people. 

Special Attributes That Makes The App So Unique

There are various factors that make the app so unique among other social media networks,

  • Distinctiveness 

When the entire world has fostered social media apps, here comes audio-based networks. Individuals can join in the rooms and participate in active conversations. 

  • Live conversation 

The users can communicate with each other in real-time. They can interact in the live audio chat, and even if the speakers would want to record the discussions, they can get their concerns from other users. While participating in the app, simultaneously, they can also engage in other apps. 

  • Simple interface 

The UX and UI of the app make it completely fine for users to engage within the app. The liberty to join rooms, go mute and quit discussions are the merits that make the app so special, among others. 

  • Personalizations 

The users have the right to choose between their favorite topics and rooms for discussions. Based on the user’s interest, they will receive their feeds in the app. This keeps them engaged with the app. 

Merits Of Audio Based Social Media Apps 

Initiating an audio-based social media app has a bundle of benefits for both users and entrepreneurs. Let us unfurl them now, 

Building networks 

Audio-based social apps are the best place for building networks. It offers a forum for individuals to discuss various topics with a group of individuals. Moreover, the individuals are independent enough to share their views and ideas on any topic. For entrepreneurs who are into businesses, this is the icing on the cake as they can find skilled and knowledgeable resources for expanding their horizons. 


Interaction is the heart of communication, and if the users do not get to interact with other speakers, there is no point for them to join the conversation. Features like raising hands and mute options allow the participants to interact effectively with each other in the discussion. 

Marketing arena 

Digital platforms have become the hub for brands to promote their products and brands. Audio-based social networks will enable brands to promote their products through discussions and conversations. When the users can gather in a room, it is the perfect opportunity to market their brands. 

Notable Features To Include In A Social Audio App Like Clubhouse 

Easy registration – The audio-based social media app provides users with easy registration. They should be able to register using their email address and contact details. 

Profile management – When the users join the platform, they can create their profiles. The profile should consist of the necessary information in the form of bio, profile picture, information about Twitter and Instagram handles.

Rooms – Users who are interested in initiating a discussion can create rooms with interested participants. The users who create a room are regarded as the hosts. 

Clubs – Same as groups on Facebook and WhatsApp, the users can also create clubs with like-minded individuals. 

Notifications – In order to keep the users engaged with the app, the app should send notifications to them. When someone from their friend’s lists joins or initiates a room, they will get notifications regarding the same. 

Wrapping up

With audio-based social apps becoming the talk of the town, empower yourself to venture into the same with an exquisite audio-based social media app. Partnering with the best app developers’ meets your expectations! 

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