Explore the power of ride-sharing with a Whitelabel BlaBlaCar clone app

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“Affordability and availability” are the buzzwords in the global transportation industry. With the rapid population growth and a rise in fuel prices, carpooling has become famous now. Travelers can get on and alight from numerous pick-up and drop-off points. Which is that platform that has led this new trend? It is none other than BlaBlaCar. The French company acts like an online marketplace where licensed drivers can directly connect with passengers. Entrepreneurs can also transform commutation by getting hold of a white-label blablacar clone app

What does a carpooling app clone signify? 

  • It is a pre-built carpooling solution with features and functionalities similar to BlaBlaCar. How does it work? Travellers need to enter their pick-up point and drop-off destination. Later, real-time information is available about the drivers who are willing to accept the ride. 
  • Techpreneurs can add brand elements like colors, graphics, images, logo, theme lines etc. 
  • Moreover, an app development company will build the ride-sharing app with advanced frameworks and tools. Hence, entrepreneurs like you can instantly launch the carpooling solution at a low capital expenditure. This will give an upper hand in the intensely competitive market. 

Some must-know stats about the BlaBlaCar carpooling platform are 

  • BlaBlaCar raised a whopping 97 million euros in funds in April 2021. It will aim to build an all-in-one travel solution in Eastern Europe and 21 other nations. 
  • A mind-boggling 50 million passengers used the services of BlaBlaCar in 2020. The Paris-headquartered marketplace will focus on 3 aspects, carpooling, bus travel, and aggregation. 
  • The French travel aggregator is aiming to create a multi-modal transport platform. It will act as a one-stop destination where passengers can travel by bus, cars, and trains. 
  • BlaBlaCar would concentrate on strengthening its presence in local markets. A cash balance of 200 million euros will help in fulfilling that ambitious goal. 
  • Moreover, shared transportation will be the future. Guess how? A passenger can move from one point to another. They can book a train ticket, alight from a specific destination, then hail a car, share the ride with others, and then reach their location. 
  • BlaBlaCar has been a blockbuster in the global vehicle pooling industry. 21 million drivers have registered on the platform, 90 million passengers use it every year, and 40 million rides sh

How does a carpooling app clone like BlaBlaCar function? 

  • Users need to register on the BlaBlacar clone app. They need to enter details like their age, email address, name, and phone number. 
  • The admin of the BlaBlaCar like carpooling platform will verify the data submitted by customers and approve their profiles. 
  • Further, travellers can choose the transport option they wish. They can opt for a car, bus, and train as per their requirements. 
  • A combination of Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, and Predictive Modelling will generate a list of available rides. Likewise, travellers will know the vehicle number, prices, and the routes to be taken. 
  • Commuters will book a ticket. Later, they will receive information about their travel partners, and profiles of drivers. This facilitates transparency as riders will know whom they will be travelling with. 
  • Later, users can process payments by linking their bank accounts, credit and debit cards, and digital wallets. 
  • Overall, a BlaBlaCar like platform simplifies the process of booking a ride. There are 4 steps, scroll through the available transport facilities, click a particular vehicle and a route, enter details of the pick-up point and the drop-off location, tap the most suitable option and go to the specific destination. 

Explore the features of the BlaBlaCar like pooling platform

Filter and Search option –  Finding a ride is very simple on a BlaBlaCar like platform. Passengers need to fill 2 columns, Leaving from and Going to. Further, they can select options like today or future date and the number of passengers. 

Driver profile creation – Drivers can easily create a profile on a BlaBlacar pooling platform. They need to upload information like arrival and departure points, email addresses, a picture, phone number, prices, and their valid driving license. 

Accept booking requests button – Drivers have full freedom to accept or reject a ride. They can view the profiles of passengers, the ratings are given by previous cabbies, and accept the ride from one point to another. 

Live tracking of vehicles – Travellers can track the booked cars on a real-time basis. They ought to switch on the GPS on their smartphones. Later, passengers will know the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) of the drivers. Thus, they can manage their schedules efficiently and prevent delays. 

Publish Ride button – Drivers benefit from flexibility on a platform homogenous to BlaBlaCar. They must include information about the departure and arrival points, the date and time of the ride, and the fare. Further, potential passengers will receive a notification about the availability of vehicles. 

Social media login mechanism – Users can sync their social network accounts while signing in to the carpooling platform. This will ensure that rides can be booked instantly. 

Help Centre – Entrepreneurs ought to provide 24×7 technical assistance to passengers and drivers. You can set up a help desk and hire well-versed staff for resolving different issues. 

Likewise, users and riders can sort out problems concerning confirmation of bookings, data protection, departure and arrival of vehicles, refunds for canceled tickets, processing of transactions, privacy, and security steps. 

What are the key revenue streams from a carpooling platform? 

The commission per ride – A fixed cost is levied whenever passengers book a carpooling service. This can be modified based on factors like the average number of rides booked per day, the costs of petrol and diesel, traffic level, and weather conditions. 

Publishing of advertisements – Promotional campaigns are a must to grow a carpooling platform. Targeted advertisements must be published across email, instant messaging apps, and social media platforms. Additional revenue is generated based on the number of clicks, impressions, likes, and views. 

Transaction processing fees – Entrepreneurs can impose a charge when users make payments via credit, debit cards, and e-wallets. This acts as a consistent source of revenue especially when the number of rides is high. 

Wrapping Up

Are you that business visionary keen to make inroads in on-demand transportation? Partner with an app development company now and create a customized carpooling app clone soon.

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