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7 Ways How western astrology applies to your love life

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Western astrology studies how the celestial bodies, such as the sun and moon, affect our lives on Earth. It’s often used to understand a person’s personality traits and tendencies based on their birth date. So it goes without saying that western astrology affects your love life too! Let us take a look at seven ways western astrology applies to you in terms of romance.

1. Your sun sign is a lot like your personality – it can tell you what type of person you are and how well you’ll get along with others

Compatibility is an essential thing for successful relationships.  You hope your partner is exactly like you in some ways and different from you in other ways.

Astrology allows more of a focus on compatibility, which is essential to making a relationship last – especially when it comes to marriage. You know your sun sign because you’re born with it. That means it’s a good indicator of what type of person would be the best and worst to marry; for example, An Aries is more compatible with a Leo, Sagittarius, or Aquarius than a Virgo or Taurus.

2. Your sun sign can tell you which days are better for love than others

Knowing when to date is just as important in a relationship as knowing when not to start one in the first place. You need to know when to hold back or step up for your relationship to work out well. For example, if someone’s birthday falls on a Tuesday, they will have more success in love if they date someone born on a Thursday.

3. Astrology can tell you which direction to go when it comes to your love life

Astrology gives us insight into our future and what’s about to happen next. Sometimes it’s easier to take advice from an outside source than rely on your own intuition alone. If you’re struggling in your love life, it might be beneficial to pick up a good astrology book or get an astrologer’s take on things.

4. Your stars can tell you when the best time is to propose!

The stars hold many magical secrets, including the secret to knowing the perfect day to pop the question. If you’re thinking of doing it, then don’t let the stars stop you!

Your partner’s sun sign can be your guide as to when they’ll say yes. For example, if someone were born on April 11th (Aries), the best day for them to get engaged is July 12th (Cancer).

5. Knowing when you were born can help you know yourself better

What’s in your horoscope? Know all about your sun sign’s personality traits, strengths, and weaknesses by looking at it. Once you know what type of person you are, it becomes easier to understand yourself to be a better significant other to someone else.

6. Your moon sign can show you how prone you are to falling in love quickly

If your first reaction when meeting someone is to fall head over heels, then there’s a good chance you were born on the cusp of two zodiac signs. The Moon represents feelings and emotions – it helps us form quick connections with others.

If your moon sign falls on the cusp, you might experience many fluttering feelings from the get-go. Your first date might even feel like the hundredth to you! It’s important to know this about yourself so that you don’t fall into a relationship too quickly because it could lead to a breakup before anything starts.

7. The position of Venus in your chart can show whether or not someone will have feelings for you romantically

Venus represents our relationship with others. Where it falls in your chart tells you about the relationships you’re likely to have, especially romantic ones.

For example, if someone’s Venus falls on Taurus, they will love people born under Gemini or Libra because Venus rules those signs. Knowing about the venus position in your chart is helpful so that you can potentially snag someone early on before they fall for another person who’s more compatible with them.


You may have heard about the many ways western astrology is applied to your love life. For example, if you’re a Pisces and someone breaks up with you on Tuesday morning, certain things can help make it easier for the Pisces person to recover from this upsetting news. Of course, it should go without saying that each sign has its own set of characteristics, which implies they should be handled differently while going through a breakup.

A Western Astrologer will consult with you based on your zodiac sign and offer guidance according to your zodiac sign. If you want more information or would like us to provide an even deeper reading into how these seven methods apply specifically in your case- visit us today at we-astro or download the app here.

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