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Beihua University Contributes to Medical Education Know How

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Why Study MBBS in Abroad?

Every year a group of students in India wants to study MBBS, but only a few can satisfy their aspirations as medical schools and universities in India are very expensive and can simply burn a hole in their pocket.

However, studying medicine in China can help many students as it is inexpensive, dormitory accommodation is mostly free and there is no need to take the entrance exam.

Why Study MBBS in China?

Its tradition continues to the present day, especially in the field of medicine. So much so that last year, more than 10000 students from various parts of the world chose to study MBBS in China.

Wondering What Motivates Them to Do This? Here Is a List of Useful Reasons –

The Chinese Ministry of Education has compiled a list of 49 medical schools that accept them, ensuring that every foreign medical student receives a quality education.

  1. Medical graduates are also eligible to take the medical licensing exam taken by other countries.
  2. China has medical universities that are among the top 500 universities in the world.
  3. Students are exposed to Grade III, Level A affiliated hospitals for quality internships.
  4. The diversity of the country will bring a sense of satisfaction to campus life.
  5. Living expenses and tuition fees are comparatively lower than in other countries.
  6. Medical education in China involves learning about the country’s traditional practices along with modern ones.
  7. No entrance examination or donation charge is required to study MBBS in China.

Beihua University

Beihua University is a state-owned public university which is located in the Jilin City of China. Although founded in 1906, it went through the merger of four colleges in 1999. Thus, in the same year, the Beihua University received approval from the Chinese Ministry of Education.

Beihua University is an institution of higher education consisting of 3 campuses that covering an area of 1263700 sq. meters and a floor area of 830300 sq. meters. Jilin City is located in northeast China; it is the only major city named after its province. The city is also known as the River City for the Songhua River, famous for hosting the Asian Winter Games in 2007.


With one medical instructor, there are 13 training centers at the university, 18 cardiac research centers, 5 training support centers, and 4 affiliated organizations. It offers 72 undergraduate programs, 56 master’s programs, and 8 master’s degree programs. The programs are enrolled by 23,000 or more students, of which 510 are external health students.

The Beihua University has organized thousands of medical graduates in the technical hands of 1574 top disciplines, with 693 degrees or related professions, and 937 master’s or master’s degrees. The technology has 4 articles and 189 experts as specialists and part-time professors.

Benefits of Studying MBBS in Beihua University

Although one of the most prestigious universities in China, Beihua University has its own set of benefits –

  1. Indigenous student transfer program
  2. Low prices
  3. Good accommodation facilities
  4. No entrance exam
  5. Culturally rich and vibrant
  6. Various scholarship programs

Medium of Instruction

The language of instruction for students at Beihua University is English, but the use of Chinese and Mandarin is encouraged in the first year as they plan to practice. The Chinese language allows them to thrive in internal processes and maintenance. It may be hard at first, but once the hang of it is put in, it’s a lot easier.

Facilities and Departments of Beihua University, China

The curriculum is divided into –

Chinese culture and natural sciences courses such as Chinese language, epidemiology, medical terminology, life sciences, cell biology, and more.

General sciences, humanities, social sciences, and health sciences, medical sciences, medicine, and preventive medicine classes such as forensic medicine, pharmacology, gynecology, psychology, surgery medicine, emergency medicine, and obstetrics, pediatrics, and ENT among others.

Quality of Student Life and Cultural Values

  1. Please enjoy student life at Beihua University as they provide benefits for students such as: –
  2. Sleep comfortably and learn somewhere
  3. Proper nutrition and nutrients for healthy growth
  4. Inside the grocery store
  5. Cooking services and laundry services are provided on each floor

In addition to these services, the Beihua University values and encourages the use of local health practices and languages.

International Relations

What is more interesting about this university is that it has established transformative relationships and partnerships with 38 schools or doctors, teaching professions from countries like Pakistan, America, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Russia, Canada, etc.

There are East, South, North campuses and an adjacent hospital. It is a proud home with a collection of 3 million books, Chinese and foreign magazines, and newspapers. This includes science, medicine, agriculture, forestry, and education.

Apart from the Above Details, How Will Beihua Benefit a Foreign Health Student?

  1. Beihua University is one of the most famous universities for MBBS in China for Indian students.
  2. The Beihua University also has an internship program for international medical students with excellent practice in procedures, examinations, and procedures.
  3. The Beihua University offers a final year internship that will be conducted in the country of birth of the foreign student.
  4. Beihua’s medical graduates have an almost 70% passing ratio in evaluation reports.

Admission Procedure

Before entering the program, one must be aware that the medical degree program (MBBS) offered at this university is six years in duration. She has five years of training and one year of internship at each hospital.

The program begins in September and costs approximately USD 3000 annually. Applicants are eligible if they hold a foreign passport and are in good health. They are between 18 years and 35 years old, and they have the same level of Chinese high school education.

Documents That Will Be Submitted To the Application Process Are –

  1. Application form.
  2. Passport copy of the datasheet.
  3. Notarized copies of a high school or higher education certificate (English language or Chinese language).
  4. Certificate of English proficiency by IELTS (International English Language Testing System) or TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language).

The process requires the applicant to submit a direct application online. They must submit the materials to the international office of Beihua University. The applicant has to download the application form for international students from Beihua University and send the complete form along with the other form to their email address.

Once the university has received all the documents, the international ministry will conduct an inspection, which if qualified, will continue the admission process. Post this, the office will send the receipt and visa application to the student’s address after about 2 weeks.

Students eligible for admission must apply for an X visa along with the admission notice from Beihua University.

Upon successful completion of the visa process, the applicant must report his or her arrival on time and at a place regulated by the University in the acceptance letter.

Key Takeaways

Studying at Beihua University can be beneficial in the long run because it will cause your growth not only mentally but also culturally. 

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